Help! Ideas needed

Ok, so first off, I have to pat myself on the back! Christmas went pretty dang well, if I do say so myself! Hubs gorged on sugar-free candy which just made him sick (serves him right!) and I tried very hard to enjoy "regular" dark chocolate. I got a bunch of stuff that is more like 60%. It was not good. So-- good for me -- I gave the rest of it away to the in-laws' extended family. And we saw our very own Christmas miracle when yesterday I was down another half a pound! Yay!

Mom-in-law is getting so excited because she actually has no clothes that fit her-- they're all too big. She's doing great! Dad-in-law isn't really trying anymore, but that hasn't stopped her. She's a trooper!

So, here's the thing now... It's just a few days until New Years and I would LOVE to say I lost 25lbs this year. I'm SO CLOSE!!! What are your great ideas for dropping a little bit (0.4 lbs) in just a few days? I'm willing to work extra hard these next few days to reach that goal.

And here's hoping you all had a Merry Christmas, too!


Christmas Plan

I forgot to talk about  my plans to stay on track for Christmas!

Well, the first thing is, I am not going to have any sweets except Godiva dark chocolate! I decided to treat myself and go to the Godiva store and see what kind of dark goodness they have there. (I'm drooling as I write this!) Hubs has declared he will eat some candy, but only of the sugar-free variety.

The other thing is, luckily, we have family that are staying on track, too! The in-laws (who are doing great on the BFC, btw!) are having a White Elephant Bingo night on Christmas Eve. (The rules are if you get Bingo, you get a gag gift or you can steal someone else's like in White Elephant.) She is making chili (too carby for my taste!) and I'm making Turkey Leftover Soup (turkey in broth with veggies). No desserts for us because we are having our limited candy.

We are making Brad Pitt's Mom's Breakfast (also known as Breakfast Casserole) for Christmas morning. The ingredients are bread, sausage, eggs, milk, mustard and cheese. We will be altering it to include BFC-friendly bread and almond milk. I also am hoping Hubs can find turkey sausage to cut down on some of the fat!

So, wish us luck with our plan! If I can make sure not to gain anything this week, I'll get happy. But I still would like to see a little loss, just to be extra proud of myself! :)

Far too much time has passed, but very little has happened

I know I haven't been blogging very much, but rest assured, fellow BFCers! I am still on the wagon. My loss is still slow, but I'm happy with that. :)

Hubs went into the hospital with a gallbladder attack (at least, that's what we think it was!), but he's better now. He'll get a test to see if it really was gallbladder and if so, he'll have it removed. I hope it was just bad eggs or something because I don't want him to have to go through surgery. Anyway, he feels fine right now.

My job is getting busier. We have one person retiring and another (probably) going somewhere, so lots of new responsibilities are being spread around to us underlings. I guess we won't be so under anymore! Since I usually blog at work, that's why I haven't blogged as much lately.

But the biggest news right now is that my sister and her family have come to visit for Christmas! They aren't staying with us (which is good because there are 6 of them and we have a tiny house!), but we have lots of plans to hang out! I missed her kids so much-- they are the CUTEST! I know lots of you are thinking, "No, that can't be true because my grandson/niece/baby is the cutest," but you are wrong. These kids are hands-down the most adorable things I've ever seen! :)

So, they were over for dinner on Sunday. I didn't realize until we sat down that the only thing we had to drink in the house was water!


Sample day

Thanks for all the kudos, everyone!

Well, Beth asked me to post a sample day, so I'll go ahead and do that. But first, a disclaimer: I am pretty early in my weight loss journey. I have a lot to lose still, so I am still seeing a loss even though I probably don't eat as well as most of you. To put it into perspective, I am still well over 200lbs and have probably 70lbs + to go. That being said, here's a typical day for me on the BFC:

Breakfast: English muffin (buttered), 1 egg scrambled
Snack: 1 carb's worth of something (with 1g max of sugar), a few sunflower seeds or peanuts.
Lunch: Leftovers from last night's dinner (1 carb, meat and veggies)
Dinner: 1 carb, meat and veggies. We do things like meat and potatoes, tostadas, etc. I just make sure to eat a little carb. I generally cook low fat (Thanks for the good habits, Mom!), and I never have added sweeteners to sauces or anything.
Dessert: Dark chocolate and Reddi Whip-- YUM!

So, that's about it! It's not fancy, but it's doable for us.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a great weekend! Keep BFC'in!


Thanksgiving didn't hurt that much

Well, I can't say that things turned out exactly as I planned on Thanksgiving, but it didn't hurt that much in the end! The best part was that I didn't gain! I am surprised (and happy) to report that I actually lost weight even with Thanksgiving happening!

So, the question of the hour must be: How did I do it? How did I stay on track with all that yummy Thanksgiving-ness going on around me? Well, I have to give a shout out to Dawn for her inspiring thoughts on holiday meal planning. Hubs and I did limit our carbs earlier in the day so we could splurge a bit without guilt. I also made a low-sugar, no-crust pumpkin pie that we enjoyed while the in-laws wasted their time on the huge Costco pumpkin pie they brought.

I won't say that Thanksgiving was completely on plan as far as limiting carbs goes, but we definitely didn't go crazy. I'm so proud of us! I did have a bite of "regular" pumpkin pie (it was gross) and a couple candy corns (which I used to love, but now taste like medicine). I'm so over sugared things! I think I can safely and honestly say I don't like sweets anymore. Wow... big moment for me!

Hubs is now at 44lbs down and I'm at 22. I'll take it! This last week has been GREAT! I fit into my "sort of skinny jeans" and regained some momentum. Yay!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, too!


Woo HOO!!

Today, I am officially down 20 lbs!! I have worked so hard for this, I'm very impressed with myself right now! :)

If ever anyone who is overweight were to say they can't lose weight (I'm looking at you, Sister!), I'm here to say yes you can! It might not be easy and you might make mistakes, but you can do it! It has taken me 5 and a half months to lose 20lbs on a diet that others see amazing results on very quickly. Why? Because I'm not perfect and I wasn't always carbs counting right. I gave myself a couple cheat days (literally two days). My life has been pretty dang stressful and my hormones have been all over the map. But I did it.

And here's the key, I think. The number one thing that people trying to lose weight have to do: No matter what program you are on, you have to keep doing it. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, BFC, Atkins-- whatever! Just keep doing it. You messed up? Oh, well. Keep going!

So, in that spirit, I vow to keep going! Yes, I'm very proud of myself so far, but I can't stop now! There's still so much more to lose! In the past, I have unconsciously sabotaged myself when I was doing well at losing weight. I don't know why-- fear of success? I would be like, "Woo hoo! I lost ten pounds!" Then I'd find myself eating a cupcake later that day. "It's OK. I'll get back on program tomorrow." But then I don't.

Not this time! I'm just going to keep on keepin' on. ;)


Am I the worst blogger ever? Probably.

Well, sorry to any and all who have been checking up on me, hoping to see an update. Life. Is. CRAZY! But I'm still doing well on the BFC and it looks like ice cream really was the culprit because I'm losing again since we decided to limit how often we make it.

Hubs started to lose again (even though it feels like he never stopped) and told his doc about it. The doc said that even though BFC works as a general idea, too much of any one thing is going to cause problems. So, lesson learned!

Hubs is up to 40 lbs lost and I'm at 19.4lbs. So tantalizingly close to 20!!! I'll make it there and beyond. No stopping me now!


Tough week again

Well, things are going OK diet-wise, although I didn't lose that much this week. Still, I'll take it! Hubs and I have been going a bit crazy on the ice cream lately, so I'm sure that's not helping with the weight loss! He put the kibosh on mid-week ice cream since we do a terrible job of saving carbs for it. What was I expecting? To drop even though I'm eating ice cream every other day? Lol.

Other than that, everyone is sick. FIL is sick, MIL is sick, Hubs is sick and I'm getting sick. Ugh! We just don't have enough energy to go around these days. I'm cutting out of work early today so I can maybe get a nap in. And I think we need more veggies in our house!

Still surviving and still BFC'ing.


Busy week

Wow-- I can't believe it's already been a week! Well, I'm up again a little and I'm starting to think I need to follow Rosalie's example and not eat grains in the evening. Something to shake me out of this plateau!

So, things have been NUTS over here. Dad-in-law went into the hospital last week and had emergency surgery on Friday when the MRI showed something suspicious. He is recovering now, but it's been really rough on him. He has been in and out of hospitals for 3 years or more with one problem after another. The poor man! What makes it even worse is he is such a doer-- always running errands or fixing the house up. And now he has to just lay there on morphine. I worry.

Anyway, we've been driving around trying to visit him and take care of Mom-in-law. They live 30 mins from us and the hospital is about 45 mins from us, so the driving adds up after a while! I also work about 60 mins away, so there isn't a lot of time left over for normal stuff right now.

On a happier note, I just found out that I passed the bar exam! I took it this summer, which was a pretty stressful experience (as I'm sure you can imagine). Anyway, I have officially passed and I can now start thinking about what I might do next... We'll see!

The weird irony is that I found out about the bar exam right as I walked into Dad-in-law's hospital room to see him before his surgery. I was crying and everyone thought it was because I had failed. But nope! I was so happy to have passed. Of course, everyone was already emotional because Dad-in-law was saying his goodbyes like this surgery was going to be it for him. So, there were lots of mixed emotions that night.

He pulled through OK, so I'm trying not to worry too much. Instead, let's think about happy things, ok? How about what my business cards should say once I'm admitted to the bar? Or how this time next year Hubs and I will be thin and healthy!


Home again :)

Well, we had a great time in California, but I'm glad to be home! Whew! That was a whirlwind trip. I have to admit that I didn't stay on plan the whole time, but I did most of the time. I was worried I'd come home and see I had gained 5lbs, but that didn't happen. Instead, it was a no loss/no gain kind of week, which is good considering all I ate!

We drove everywhere, which meant trying to be good while eating "road trip food". We tried pork rinds, but they were gross! We ate some beef jerky and bought Funions, but never opened them. Smart Food popcorn was good, and we were careful to stay within the limit there. Mostly while driving it was lots and lots of water!

How I cheated:

  • At Universal Studios we got the all day meal pass which meant free dessert with every meal. I tried the "brookie" (brownie/cookie mix) and a chocolate chip cookie. Both were really disgusting and I only ate a couple bites. One that was gross, and one to make sure it was really gross! Lol.
  • At the most delicious steakhouse I've ever been to, Spencer's in San Jose, I had creme brulee for dessert. I shared with Hubs, but he didn't like it. I ate half of it and it was AMAZING!
  • At the Tipsy Pig in San Francisco, I had fish and chips (was pretty good on carbs) and then homemade ice cream sandwiches (made with gelato). I had 1 ice cream sandwich. Yum!
Other than that, I was pretty good. I won't say perfect, because I'm sure that's not the case! I think what saved me was all the walking around we did.

Anyway-- can't say that I recommend cheating to anyone and there are three reasons why: (1) it's always disappointing; (2) it makes it harder to be good the next day; and (3) it can make you sick! We have gotten so used to eating a certain way that all that junk made our tummies ache!

I'm glad to be home now, but it's too bad to have to go back to work and everything. Oh well! We can start saving up for our next vacation!

Thanks for all the great advice before we left! I did think about what you all said while we were out there (hence the fish and chips!). Sorry I didn't take the time to blog while we were on the road. It was a really good motivator knowing that I would have to come back and report to you all how I did, though! Thanks for being my virtual buddy system!


Up again, down again

So, as seems to be my way, I was up then down then up this weekend in weight. It's frustrating to see the scale bounce back up again. My hands were all puffy on Sunday like I was retaining water like crazy. What makes that happen? My hands seem to be better today, but I was up 3 lbs this morning from yesterday! Gah!

Yesterday we had the in-laws over. They made us Philly cheese steak sandwiches and we made them our favorite ice cream. Dad-in-law had 3 bowls of ice cream, so I think he liked it! Haha. It's probably the cheese steak that made me gain! I had never had a cheese steak before-- it was really good!

Well, we're road tripping to California this week. We start tomorrow after work and head to L.A. We're going to see Jay Leno and Universal Studios. Then we'll drive a little ways up the PCH to Hearst Castle before heading inland to the I-5 and San Jose. My brother lives there, so we'll visit him, take a tour of all the tech companies (for Hubs's benefit) and see my school (I graduated from Santa Clara). We're planning on hitting San Francisco on Saturday and seeing my Aunt and some of our friends that evening. Then, it's the long drive back on Sunday. It will be a VERY packed week! Lol.

Wish us luck in eating right this week! I'm sure we'll do OK since we're still both very determined and we have a bit of practice in eating out and doing it well. Still, there will be temptations. Here's hoping we do OK.

I'm sure I'll post on the road a little, but in case I don't-- have a FANTASTIC week all you BFCers!


So, turns out I'm not that great of a preacher

The friend I was telling you about in the last post said that the BFC sounds too hard and she's just going to do Weight Watchers instead. Well, I think that's fine and dandy - whatever works! What it made me think about was how much healthier I'm eating now. People hear the rules and say "You must be eating a ton of meat then!" Well, no actually.

Jorge Cruise says in the book that it's virtually impossible to overeat on meat if you are eating the right amount of carbs because your "full hormones" are working properly. I have definitely found that to be true! I don't eat more meat than I did before. In fact, I think I eat less! What I do eat more of is veggies and nuts!

Hubs and I have been talking about how important nuts have become in our lives to help us with the afternoon slump. A handful of peanuts and my energy level is back to normal and I'm ready to go until dinner. It's all about keeping our blood sugar even all day long.

So, I didn't convert my friend, but I just think she doesn't know what she's missing! Oh well. Maybe one day I'll get another chance to convince her. ;)


Preach it, sister!

I admit it-- I'm converted to the BFC. I evangelize at every opportunity without shame! I discuss it with anyone who brings up dieting, sugar, health, energy... anything that remotely relates. The best is when someone actually asks me about my diet. Yes, sir, they will get an earful of preaching!

A friend of mine just emailed me and asked about the BFC. She wants to lose 5lbs. Ha! 5 lbs? In your sleep, friend! Just stick with the S/C and you're golden! Well, I admit I wasn't quite as pithy in the email. Instead, I went on and on about how great it is and little tricks I use to stay on track and how sugar grosses me out now. I gave her the bare bones and the link to the Report online since it has so much useful info. Poor girl! I hope I didn't scare her off!

But it made me think that the BFC really has changed my life. And I'm so glad! Today is my official weigh in, but I didn't lose anything this week. But I didn't gain anything either! And that's great news for me! I am still more than 18lbs lighter than I was in June. And by the end of the year, that number will be so much higher!

Have a fantastic day, BFCers!


Long time no talk to

Sorry I've been off the map for a while, everyone. Thanks for your comments and for telling me that my posts weren't updating right. Hopefully the problem has been fixed!

I was reading over at Dawn's Daily Chocolate today and she talked about seeing overweight people everywhere. I was actually thinking the same thing this weekend. There was a news report about a school and ALL of the kids were chubby. Seriously-- ALL OF THEM! I started trying to find a regular or skinny kid. Not a single one there!

Part of why I'm happy to be on the BFC is how it is shaping my attitudes towards food. I feel like I don't sit around and crave certain things like I used to. I'm hoping that as I change, I'll be able to pass down healthier habits to my kids (whenever we have them!). I really don't want my kids to inherit the "bad genes" that I have. I put that in quotes, because a lot of it isn't really genes at all, but what I've done with them.

My sister often points out that we are doubly cursed in my family. My dad's family was overweight and my mom's was, too. Well, I don't really agree with that view. My grandma on my dad's side was a little plump, but she was never fat. My grandpa was very athletic and never overweight. On my mom's side... well, I'll concede that both grandparents were big. My point is that while there may be a propensity for obesity in my family, it's not the same as destiny. I refuse to accept that. My genetics didn't make me eat junk every day. They didn't make me stuff my face with candy. That was me.

Hopefully, my kids will never know me as someone with food issues. Hopefully, they will just expect that most things don't have sugar added to them and that veggies are a normal part of every meal. Hopefully they will run and play just because they like to and there's plenty of opportunity and not because they have to for P.E. Hopefully, things will be different for them.

On the lighter side-- the in-laws are still going strong and they have each lost 20lbs!! I can't believe mom-in-law has already overtaken my progress! :) I'm really happy for them. Also, Hubs just noticed today that the belt he could just barely fit into a month ago now has three inches leeway! Woo hoo!


Doctor Who Fan Orchestra

I originally had this as part of last post, but it was already so long, I felt bad! Anyway, I'm very excited about this, so I just had to share.

A couple months ago, I saw this video of Doctor Who fans from around the world compiling their recordings to create a virtual orchestra. It was so moving as a fellow fan, to see all these people get together and thank the creative minds behind the show and its amazing music. Here's the video of them performing "I Am the Doctor":

When I found out they were doing another piece soon, I knew I had to be a part of it! I immediately contacted Stephen Willis (the arranger/producer/conductor/genius). After a couple weeks, he got back to me and I'm in! I play flute and sing soprano.

We're working on "This is Gallifrey/Vale Decem" which will be incredible! Here's a performance at The Proms of the one we're working on now:

For any who don't know, The Proms is a series of concerts in London held in the summer at the Royal Albert Hall. It's short for "promenade concerts" because the audience walks around. It's called the most democratic concert tradition because it was designed to offer more affordable access to classical music performances.

Anyway, just had to share the excitement of it all! I played flute in high school, so this is a lot of work to get my skills back in shape! Hopefully, it'll be good enough. I'll post a link to the new video when it's all done!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and thanks for all the ideas about coconut bread! I will definitely try it again! :)

Good weekend, everyone?

Well, I had a great weekend even though I wasn't feeling great on Sunday.

Friday night, Hubs and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. I know-- DANGER! So, he sat there looking up the nutrition information online for like a half hour. Our poor server kept asking if we were OK. We know from experience that waiters don't generally know much about the nutrition of what they serve, so we just smiled and kept downing the water! I ended up getting Pasta e Fajole soup and Hubs got the mixed grill. Neither one of us could finish our food, which I think is a sign that we were definitely pushing the limits on the carbs. I don't usually get that heavy-full feeling on the BFC.

Then Saturday, Hubs had a conference to go to, so I woke up early with him and I was a cleaning machine for a few hours. Then I rehearsed for the Dr. Who Fan Orchestra thing I'm a part of (more on that later). Aafter practice I had breakfast: two pieces of French toast made with Nature's Own and a scrambled egg. Oh, and I added a little sugar-free syrup. (Probably the only artifically sweetened thing we eat.) Then I met up with a friend for pedicures. I got red nails with this awesome Asian-looking flower design. The lady was really talented! How do they do those little designs?

I got my lunch at El Pollo Loco (I just got plain chicken, since we were planning on going to the movies). After that, we met up at the in-laws to hang out for a while. My sis-in-law brought her kids over, so we got to play with them. We then went to see Soul Surfer which, it turned out, they were showing for FREE! We had free drink refills (we just got water) and free popcorn which we upsized for $1. The whole date was $1!!

Plus, the move was AMAZING! I cannot say enough about it. I cried like 7 times through the whole film. It was just so sweet and the girl who played the lead did such a great job acting like a real teenager. It's one of my pet peeves when actors play teenagers as a lot older than they are. She did a great job!

After that we grabbed Taco Bell for dinner. (I know, I know! But we stayed under our S/C limits for the meal and the day, so we didn't feel too guilty.) We had a nice, relaxing evening at home.

Sunday, I was sick, but we still had a nice day. Very emotional (as I'm sure it was for many of us!), but good. We had breakfast (ham and cheese omelette and some oatmeal with cinnamon, nutmeg and truvia) and watched the 9-11 ceremony on NBC. I cried so much! Then we watched Dr. Who in an effort to cheer me up and I cried again! Well, it's no wonder that I'm emotional-- I'm PMSing!

But the best part of the whole weekend was that I finally - FINALLY! - dropped some weight!! Woo hoo! I am now officially down 18.4lbs! And Hubs is down 36.8!!!! Look at us go!


Coconut bread, a.k.a. What did I do wrong?

Well, since everyone's raving about Dawn's Coconut Bread, I had to try making some myself! I actually used the recipe from Rosy's blog (sorry, Dawn!). Well, it did nto turn out well and it reminded me why I don't bake more! First, I wanted to do the chocolate bread, but I didn't have enough cocoa. Of course, I didn't really find that out until after I had added some cocoa already. Oops. Also, I didn't use any baking soda (which maybe doesn't matter too much).

So, I ended up with a grayish loaf of something that wanted to be brownies in its heart, but didn't have the talent so it had to settle for being meatloaf instead. I ate some anyway. Last night, hot with some butter on it, it was OK. Today, cold with nothing added, it made me feel sick.

Moral of the story for me: follow the stinkin' recipe and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients! I really should stick with ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, we finally tried Clemmy's. It's mentioned in the book and everyone talks about how yummy it is, but we didn't like it. It was too sweet for us! I guess our homemade ice cream must be pretty bland, but we're used to it now. So, I won't be hunting down Clemmy's again. Oh well!

Even though we had some missteps in the last couple days trying new foods, it was good to have new things we could try! It's so easy to get into a rut in order to stay "safe", but I think it's important to break out of that sometimes and remember that food can be fun without being belly bad.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a great day!


Babbling about girly stuff

Good afternoon, BFC'ers! How are things going out there in blogland? For me, things are good. I'm working, but there's not much going on, so it's pretty relaxed. I'm a bit worried about getting enough water today as I left home in a hurry so I didn't get my water bottles filled up.

Work has done away with the free filtered water and I refuse to drink the water fountain water. If you've ever tasted Phoenix water, you understand. It tastes like dirty, rusted metal. I really should see if some of the other staff here would like to start out own water club, but I have no idea how we'd ensure only those who paid for it would be able to use it.

Other than that, I'm obsessing about Red Carpet Gel Manicure products right now! I love having done up nails, but I hate paying money for them. Also, I really don't like acrylic nails. I've been on a quest for a while to find products that are super strong, last a long time and look nice. Right now, I'm using Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps. It works great, but it isn't perfectly smooth like a gel treatment would be.

So, I saw in an ULTA circular that they are now offering Red Carpet Manicure products. The system involves a UV light that cures the product on the nails. I set out to buy it, but only got the light, a couple polishes and the remover. My local ULTA was out of the base, the top coat and the finisher. So, basically, I couldn't do it. After calling around, it became apparent that this product is pretty dang popular and is sold out everywhere! Bummer.

So, I used the Sally Hansen stuff. I used the stuff pictured on the base, a simple color polish, then another layer of the base to seal it in (we were out of town and I didn't have my usual top coat). It turned out goopy because it didn't completely dry before I fell asleep. Oops! So, two layers of topcoat when I got home and everything's smooth and shiny. I'm still going to get that Red Carpet stuff at some point.

...And, I'm babbling. I guess there's nothing really to report diet-wise. Still doing my thing!


Finally-- a tiny drop!

Another drop in the bucket for the weight loss, I guess! I am down 0.4lbs this week and 17.4lbs overall. That's just another 0.2lbs since a month ago, but at least it's something. Hubs thinks I was overdoing the fiber, but not drinking enough water. I guess Cruise says in the book that if you don't get enough water the fiber just builds up.

I cut back on fiber a couple days ago and increased water. I'm hoping that'll help me see another substantial drop this month. That plateau was a toughie! But I made it!

Hubs is now down 35lbs and I'm so proud of him! He's such a fantastic support to me in everything I do, too. :)

This weekend we went up to Payson, AZ which (if you're not familiar with AZ geography) is only about an hour and 45 minutes away, but it feels like a world away! The temperatures were pleasant! Evenings were around 75 degrees-- so different from our crazy 105 degrees at night here in the Phoenix area. So, it was good to get away. Too bad we both got a cold at the very end. We're both home sick today, trying to kick this sore throat!

Anyway, hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend and were able to stick with your BFC'ing!

Oh, and thanks for all the comments. It's so fun to be in tough with other BFCers out there and read your blogs and everything. :) Keep it up!


First day at the new job

So, I'm trying out the new blogger layout and it's weird! I feel like my information about my blog is being hidden from me, even though it's right on the homepage now. Lol. I guess this will take some getting used to!

I did my first day at the new job yesterday and it went great! There are two really sweet girls who work the same time I do. They're both going to school there (this is in a college library), so they are very young, but we ended up just chatting the whole time. They said it's always very slow in the evenings so I'll hardly ever have anything to do. I can deal with that! :)

Here's a sad fact, though: I made more during my 4-hour shift there than I did all day in my regular job! Pathetic, isn't it? I do like my regular job, though, and I'm not in a hurry to move on just yet. It sure will be nice to get some extra income, though!

As far as my eating, it wasn't too hard. I was worried about the having to take dinner with me thing. Well, I ended up packing ham sandwich on Nature's Own bread for 1 carb and some chips for a second carb if I felt like I really needed it. Turns out, I didn't which I was happy about. :)

So far so good!


End of August already?

Well, life just keeps on going. We are so out of food in our house-- it's ridiculous. I was supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday, but I was so worn down that I didn't go. Hubs told me it was OK because we have some hot dogs and he can have that for lunch and then we're going over to our friends' place for dinner. But, the shopping must happen! Tomorrow is my first long work day and I'll need something to take with me for dinner.

I'm a bit bummed out that I haven't had a net loss this month. I'm in the same place I was at the end of July. It stinks, but at least I'm still down 17 pounds from the beginning of June! I've also lost something like 4 inches from my waist! So, really, I shouldn't complain or worry. Just keep going!

Yesterday I ran into my carpool buddy and one of her coworkers at lunch. Her coworker had done the HCG diet and lost 47 lbs in 41 days. That's crazy! For a second I thought, "Maybe I should try that..." But I snapped back into reality when she explained how hard it has been coming off the diet. She said she is supposed to slowly reintroduce different types of foods. She has gained 4 lbs back already.

I think it's better to take longer getting to the goal and establish good eating habits as you go rather than crash diet and then have to figure out what you can eat. That's why I always liked Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. With Jenny Craig, you start learning how to eat like a human as part of the program. Weight Watchers, you have to figure it out as you go. BFC is like Weight Watchers in that way-- you have an outline and it's up to you to figure it out. It's working for me so far!


Today I've been reading people's blogs and thinking about how my life is so different from what it was a few months ago. I have started BFC'ing with my husband and blogging about it. Me! Sharing with whoever might find my little space on the interwebz about my weight loss challenges. That is so unlike the old me. :) I like the new me.

This weekend went by far too quickly. I'm back at work and looking forward to my first day at the new job on Thursday. Yeesh! That's going to be a long day (she realizes far too late!). But I'm grateful to have that second job-- I think it will help us out a lot.

I keep saying to Hubs that we are the luckiest people on the planet. Here we are in a time when lots of people are losing jobs and in industries that are notorious for layoffs right now, and we both have two jobs now! There is so much security in knowing that even if one lets you go, you have the other and will likely be able to cover expenses until something else turns up! Also, Hubs is a teacher at a community college which allows him to take classes super cheap, so if he decides to, he can start working on his Masters.

There is so much to be grateful for! I have a fantastic husband, comfortable house, a functioning car and great friends. Wow... I'd better find something wooden so I can knock on it!

Anyway, sorry for the ramblings. The diet is going well. We've cut WAY back on our ice cream intake, so that should help. Hubs is now officially at -34lbs!! I can't even believe it! He's done such a great job!

So, I'm just chugging along... Avoiding sugary things and counting the carbs.


I got the job!

Well, my old dress must be magic, because I got the job! It's actually a second job that I'll work one day a week, but the money they were offering was too good to turn down.

Hubs and I are hoping that whenever we do have kids we'll figure out a way for me to stay home at least most of the time. I don't relish the idea of putting kids in daycare. So now with this job (if I'm still working there when I have a baby) it's more likely we can make that happen! I'm just feeling really blessed right now.

Thanks, everyone for the kudos yesterday! The dress really was a big hit-- I got so many compliments on it which surprised me. And you were right, Beth, that the confidence I got from the dress helped me in the interview. :)

So, today I was totally late so I didn't pack breakfast or lunch. There's a cafeteria downstairs at work, but it's tough to stay on plan down there! I do try when I'm in this kind of situation, but there just aren't many good choices. The stuff that would fit into the plan technically is just so greasy and bland that it's not appealing at all. I'll probably just get a sandwich and take off one of the pieces of bread.

I really need to learn how to get my lunches together the night before so I don't have to worry about this kind of thing. That should be one of my mid-year resolutions.


Old dress, new me

I woke up today knowing that I had a job interview to dress for. I am heading over there right after work, so I needed something I could wear all day, but was a little nicer than what I wear most days. I thought about it while I showered and thought, "I wish I could wear that black dress, but it's too tight still."

Then I realized--I had no idea how that dress would fit me now. I've lost 17lbs! It might fit. Maybe.

So, I tried it on and it slipped right down over my hips like it should! I was so psyched!!

Now, this dress is my barometer dress. What I mean by that is, I can tell how much I've lost or gained based on how it fits (or doesn't!). When I first bought it 8 years ago (oh my, I'm old!), it fit pretty well, but I was a little self-conscious that it showed my rolls too much. I wore it sometimes. But as I lost weight, I wore it more often because it started to look dang good! Then, all of a sudden, it was baggy! Woo hoo! I was thin!

Then (cue depressing music), I started to gain. The dress went back to nice, then fitted, on to tight and then to no-way-am-I-getting-this-past-my-shoulders! But I held onto it. I did Jenny Craig and got back to "fitted". Then I stopped and a few years later, it was beyond tight again.

Now it's fitted again! :) I can't wait for this dress I've had so long to be baggy again. I'm gonna have a major celebration when it's too big to wear.


Origin story

First, the good news: I have lost some of that pesky weight that I am going to blame on hormones. I have 1/2 lb to go before I'm back to my lowest so far. No problem! This time next week I'll be at a new low. I'll just keep thinking that and it'll help me get through this week. :)

So, I realized after telling Hubs that I'm doing this blog (he didn't know-- not that I was hiding it from him, I just didn't think he'd care to read it or anything) that perhaps the name is a bit weird. His reaction was "Aww, sweetie! You're not a blob!" which was sweet, but it got me thinking that people might assume I have low self esteem or something. Well, there's a story behind the name Blobba.

When I was a kid, my dad would give us funny nicknames that sounded like our real names but were kind of gross things. I can't remember what he called my sister and brother, but he called me Barf, Burp or Blob. Yeah, my name is Barb, Dad. Very funny! Well, I'll be honest-- I did think it was funny most of the time. My sister thought it was hilarious. She started calling me Blobba the Butt which was less funny to 10 year old me. But as we got older, we got to be friends. She still called me Blobba sometimes, but dropped "the Butt" part. She's very thoughtful like that.

Anyway, so I use Blobba here because it's my diet blog (and sometimes I do feel like a blob!) and it's an old nickname that makes me smile. And I just realized that I used "gut" instead of "butt." I'm not sure why I did that. I'm sure a psychoanalyst could tell you. :)


Sugar Free Ice Cream

I first want to thank everyone for the comments! This is my first experience blogging, so it's really exciting to get feedback on my posts. I'm so glad I'm not the only scale addict out there! :) And, since I know you're wondering, I did see a little bit of a drop over the weekend. No eating out + end of my cycle = weight loss win!

So, Sherrie asked for the recipe for our sugar free ice cream. There are actually two versions we use-- one has fewer carbs and the other is WAY yummier! (Of course!) I'll give you both, since I'm so nice. ;)

Super Yummy Sugar Free Ice Cream (33g of carbs total for vanilla)
2 cups half and half (20g carbs)
1 cup heavy whipping cream (3g carbs)
2 T unsweetened vanilla almond milk (<1 g carbs)
1 t vanilla
3-4 packets Truvia/PureVia (9-12g carbs)
Optional: 1/2 c cocoa (adds 25g of carbs total and 2g sugar)

Belly Better BFC Ice Cream (up to 21g of carbs total)
3 c heavy whipping cream (9g carbs)
1.5 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk (3g carbs)
3 packets Truvia/PureVia (9g carbs)

We haven't come up with a really great way to do chocolate ice cream with the Belly Better recipe, but we did find that melting some Green and Black's dark chocolate and then pouring that in toward the end makes some nice chocolate chip. I love topping it all off with Reddi-Wip, but if you do that, remember it adds 1g of carbs per Tablespoon.

I didn't add how many servings because that's up to you and how many carbs you want to spend on ice creamy deliciousness! We usually get at least 4 servings out of each batch.

Oh, and I should mention: When using an ice cream maker, be sure that your stirring mechanism is in place when it needs to be! We forgot one time and tried to shove it in after pouring in the ingredients (should have already been in place) and we broke it. It was a sad week for us while we waited for a replacement part! Poor Hubs!


Weekends are hard

Well, I'm down from where I started this week and I'm pretty sure it's because it was "that time of the month" again. I really do see a huge fluctuation around that time. It's pretty frustrating, but since I'm dedicated to sticking it out, I'm sure I'll see an overall downward trend after a while.

But, it's the weekend now. I ususally see an increase in weight on the weekends. Hubs blames it on our usual popcorn at the movie. He probably has a point! Although we save carbs for it, we are chowing down pretty late at night when we go to the movies. Yesterday, though (we usually go on Fridays), we didn't go out. This is the perfect time to see if it is the popcorn. I'll keep you posted!

But, really, maybe I just shouldn't be weighing myself every single day! It gets addictive, especially when you can see little drops day after day. But when there's an increase, it's frustrating and you get mad at yourself. It's probably not a productive cycle. I really should pledge to weigh myself only once a week, but... you know... I'm a scale addict!

Anyway, here's to a perfect BFC weekend!


Awesome products time!

There are a few things that Hubs and I have found that make life MUCH easier on the BFC. Here is the list:

Top 8 BFC Finds

  1. Benefiber. It is flavorless and helps ensure everything's ship shape in the tummy.

  2. Sugar free syrup. Just a little goes a long way. Add butter to your french toast before and it's oh so yummy!

  3. Nature's Own bread with no high fructose corn syrup. Speaking of french toast, use this stuff and you can have 4 pieces for your 2 servings per meal!

  4. Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. We use cream and almond milk with stevia to make the most delicious ice cream ever! Seriously-- the chocolate ice cream we made the other day was crazy!

  5. Almond Breeze almond milk. A great way to get your calcium without the carbs.

  6. Truvia. Need to get your sweet on? This stuff works great in ice cream, on cereal and in oatmeal.

  7. Green and Black's dark chocolate. The best dark chocolate I've tasted! Sure, it has like 1 more gram of carbohydrates, but it is SO worth it.

  8. Blue Diamon Wasabi Almonds. Uh-- yum! Totally spicy and totally legit. It's a great snack.



Staying strong through blogging

So, I haven't bounced back up yet-- I really expected to! It seems both Hubs and I see our weight fluctuate up and down, but with an overall downward trend. That's the good news!

I have found recently that as nice as it is to be doing this with Hubs, sometimes it is still difficult. He loses so much faster than me and I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall some days. What helps me get through those times is blogging-- both writing and reading. I have really enjoyed reading two blogs in particular: http://purplerosy.blogspot.com/, and http://www.meandjorge.com/.

PurpleRosy has been on the BFC for a long time and her start weight was similar to mine (though hers was less). I like reading her blog because she totally gets the frustration and seeing a long road ahead. I know that the BFC is not (and cannot ever be) a short-term solution. I will need to do this forever. I really want my kids to grow up with healthy attitudes towards food and I can't provide that for them how I was.

Me and Jorge also has a long-ish history, so it's nice to go back and read her earlier posts. She was one of the early participants in Cruise's program as it was being developed. I think her story is even included in the book, but she said a lot of the details had been changed. Anyway, she has lots of good ideas for substitutes and the blog is just generally fun to read.

On a different note, I've been feeling the urge to get back into yoga. I've done yoga in patches here and there and it always makes me feel amazing. I just love the progress you can see in yourself, the change in posture and confidence. Also, I usually get up from a session feeling like I just had a massage and nap! Pretty good stuff!


Glad I made it through the week

So, as I was saying in my previous post, this week has been a toughie. I did end up back down and even losing 0.2lbs according to the scale, but it was a rough week. It's hard to stay motivated sometimes, although I can't say that I really was craving anything specific. It's not like I wanted to go stuff my face, but I did want to just not think about what was safe to eat so much.

Yesterday, Hubs and I accidentally made the most delicious ice creamy treat! We started making our usual ice cream and Hubs asked if I'd make chocolate syrup from our 85% dark chocolate (Green & Blacks brand). So, I rigged a double boiler in the microwave and started melting that chocolate. He tasted it and asked that I put in some Almond Milk to make it creamier. I did that, but it was gloppy. As the ice cream maker was still going, I got the idea to drop the choco-concoction into the ice cream and maybe it would freeze quickly into chocolate chips. Hubs agreed and I ended up dumping the whole thing in.

When the ice cream was done, we topped it with Redi-Whip and, OMG! it was delish! It tasted like chocolate pie with chocolate shavings. Oh man! If only I knew a low-carb crust recipe, I'd totally make that every night of the week! Sooooo yummy! I'm serious-- it wasn't "good for being low-sugar" it was just plain GOOD! :)

Hubs has now lost more than 30 lbs!!!! Woo hoo! Way to go, sweetie!!

Oh, I should also mention that I went to the doc yesterday (I don't have strep) and told him how well Hubs was doing. He was ecstatic and got all giddy talking about BFC and Dr. Lustig's "Bitter Truth" video. Kindred spirit!


Trudging through the week

This week has been pretty tough diet-wise. I was doing so well last week and then all of a sudden-- BUMP!-- I jumped 3.5 lbs. How does that happen? I really don't get it and it's been pretty frustrating this week. I've been doing everything right and just not seeing results.

One of the problems I'm having is that the bathroom is not my friend right now. I am drinking tons of water and taking extra fiber, but nothing! I'm sure that's where the extra weight is, but I don't understand why it's taking so long to work out. I might have to take a laxative tonight since it's been a couple days and almost nothing!

Our friend just got over strep throat and I'm not feeling great, so Hubs has me on antibiotics. He said that should help shake things up in there, but it hasn't. What is going on with my body? I'm so ready to just drop weight like I have been up to this point!

Well, we'll see. Tomorrow is weigh in day ( I know-- why did we pick Tuesdays?) so we'll see how it goes!



Ok, I am totally excited because even though I was up 3lbs in the middle of the week, I ended the week down 0.8 from last week. I knew "that time of the month" couldn't keep me down!

Things are going pretty well. Hubs and I work hard to keep each other motivated. He is looking so THIN! I can't believe it! I know it'll be a while before that much of a difference will be noticeable in me, but I can already tell the difference in my clothes. It's a great feeling and I just want it to keep going. :)

My in-laws are also trying the BFC and so far have seen some good results. Mom-in-law has lost 6 lbs and I don't know about Dad-in-law. They aren't completely strict (Mom said she snuck a banana last week! The horror! Lol), but they are definitely seeing a difference which is great. I hope they can stick with it long enough to see the cravings pretty much disappear and to start seeing the progress.


Phew! That was close!

Seeing I was up 3.2lbs yesterday totally freaked me out! Well, this morning, I was down again. Still about 1.4lbs heavier than last week, but that's a lot better than yesterday.

Just wanted to share my happiness that I haven't totally lost momentum!



Well, I'm up 3.2lbs. It's that time of the month and Hubs says I should just be patient. But I don't want to be patient! I want to see progress now! I'm sure everything will be fine and I'll drop as soon as it's over, but it sure is frustrating to see those numbers climb. Wrong direction, scale! Don't you know anything, you dumb piece of plastic?

Poor Hubs, he's up a pound, too. Maybe he and I need to take a closer look at how we're eating and make sure we're being really strict.

In the BFC book, it says that if you hit a plateau, you should do three things: eat more fiber, drink more water, and try eating all your carbs before 4pm (I think it was 4). Well, I haven't been great with the fiber or water for the last few days, and I definitely have been eating carbs after 4, so there are some things I can do, I guess.

Just keep plugging away, I guess. I know the end result will be worth pushing through this set back.


Another weekend gone

Time is just flying by! I'm pretty happy about that, to be honest. Right now, time can't move fast enough! :)

Well, this weekend was good. I saw Harry Potter twice which meant lots of popcorn! I did plan it into my day, so it didn't hurt me at all. In fact, I am still slowly, steadily losing.

I had a talk with my carpool buddy about juicing and all this stuff she's heard about how good it is for you and everything. Well, here's my two cents: It's probably better than eating junk every day, but it's still not a natural way to consume your food. Apples don't come mushed up-- we are designed to do that ourselves. This indicates to me that the process of chewing stuff up is important. But, if someone is getting all the nutrients they need and they are cutting out a lot of unnatural stuff, then good for them!

But she did say something that was interesting. She was watching a documentary about juicing and the guy was asking people if they would change how they eat in order to be healthier. She said that most of the people said no-- that they were happy how they were. How strange! And yet, I understand that way of thinking.


Visiting Family

So, the trip to see my family went really well. On the first day they had worked with me to find a restaurant for lunch that had things we could work with. We went to Ruby Tuesday where they have lots of different sides that worked out really well. I tried the mashed cauliflower and spaghetti squash. Yum! I even had enough carbs to have crab cakes (one of my faves!). Then for dinner, my sister wanted to do something simple like sandwiches, so we went to the store where I could get stuff that really worked for us. It went well.

We had a really nice time with the family even though it felt like we were trying to pack in months' worth of visiting into a few hours! It was a good break, too, except that my mom got a 24-hour bug of some kind. And, of course, when I got home I started to feel sick too. Ick! One of the worst feeling bugs I've ever had, but at least it was only one day.

Last night we made sugar-free ice cream in our new ice cream maker. We used the recipe from the manual but substituted Almond Milk and stevia for milk and sugar. It ended up being S0/C0 and very tasty! Nothing beats the icy creaminess of ice cream!

Even with the traveling and eating out, I still was down this week and so was Hubs! Still going strong on the BFC!


Slow and steady

Well, it's been a tough few days eating-wise. I've been tired of the same-old, same-old so I was trying to change things up a little. I haven't strayed from the plan, but it was harder later in the day when I ate too many carbs earlier in the day. Also, I haven't been getting enough sleep, so I'm tired all the time. This makes me want carbs more than usual. I just need sleep!!

This weekend we're going to visit my family in Colorado which I'm pretty excited about. But I know my family-- we're all about eating when we get together. I need to remember that and see situations for what they are-- social situations, not food situations. At least the family is all aware of what we're doing, so they'll be nice about it. I hope.

Sometimes it seems like people get all bratty about it. It's like they feel guilty for not doing anything about their own unhealthy situation, so they try to talk you down. Like, "Don't get rid of your fat clothes!" What? Are you kidding me? Way to be supportive! That's just not cool. I try not to talk about it too overly much with people because I don't want to be annoying, but I am very excited about it still. This may be the best change I've ever made for myself.

Btw-- Hubs has lost more than 25lbs now! He's doing so great! I'm doing okay, too. It's just slower. Which is OK with me as long as I keep losing. :)


July 1

So, it's officially July. So long, first month on BFC and hello, the rest of my life! :)

Things are going pretty well. Just found out yesterday that my in-laws are going to start BFC'ing as well. I'm excited for them. I think they'll be surprised at how easy it is after a couple weeks. And once they start seeing results, they'll be psyched to continue!

Also, I have found two awesome products that are BFC-safe and yummy besides. The first is Blue Diamond Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. They are very spicy, but so yummy! 6grams of carbs per serving, so if you have a little less than their suggested  serving size (not hard since they're fiery!), then it would be a 2S/0C food. Just keep track of those sugar grams! They add up fast!

The other product I'm excited about right now is Bahama Bucks Thin Ice sno cones. We have a Bahama Bucks near us and Hubs and I have been tempted to go and sample the sugar-free offerings, but were scared off by the thought that they were "probably made with Splenda." Artificial sweeteners are verboten on BFC for a number of reasons. But, I just found out that Bahama Bucks does not use artificial sweeteners! They are made with Stevia and are a 0S/0C treat! Totally free! :)


Congrats to Hubs!

After one month of BFC, Hubs is officially down 23lbs! I am so proud of him!!!

Shine: Diet soda makes you fat

I read an interesting article on Shine about diet soda making you fat. They never come out and say it, but it sounds like the aspartame suppresses leptin making you feel hungry when you really aren't. (At least I think that's what Dr. Lustig would say about it!) There are plenty of naysayers in the comments, but I think there is more there than just the correlation between being overweight and drinking diet soda.

The article describes that the researchers observed how the brain reacts to sugar and aspartame. Basically, there's more of a "satisfaction" response from sugar. So, aspartame makes your brain expect that satisfaction, but it doesn't get it, so you want to eat.

One of the basic ideas on the BFC is that artificial sweeteners trigger cravings. Cruise does recommend Stevia, however, because it does not have an impact on blood sugar and therefore does not create cravings. This has been true so far for me, anyway.

Great news, everyone!

I am back down to my pre-birthday weight! Whew! That was a scary few days watching my weight go up two pounds when I was trying really hard (except for the birthday craziness!).

Hooray for being 10lbs lighter than I was in May! I hope my progress continues on this same path so I'll be at least 7lbs lighter at the end of July. Oh man-- I can't wait for the day when I can tell people, "Yeah, I lost 20lbs and still ate chocolate every day!" :D

It's funny how people's reactions differ when I tell them about the BFC. Some brush it off as a fad diet ("Oh, so it's like Atkins?") and others act like it's a temporary fix ("So, when can you eat normally again?"). What they don't realize is that eating like this is normal. It's not a "diet" as in "a way to lose weight" but rather a sustainable way of eating. There's no reason to ever change how I eat again. This is it.


What the what?!

Ok, so I'm starting to think I shouldn't be allowed to weigh myself every day. I'm up another pound since yesterday! Another whole pound?! Grr!

Hubs thinks it'll just take some time to smooth out the kinks in the system. I need some patience, I guess!

Admittedly, I am pretty stressed out right now, too. If it's true that cortisol makes you gain weight, then maybe that's what's happening. Or maybe I'm not drinking enough water (I thought I was!).

Whatever it is, I just need to stick with it and not get down on myself! Positive thoughts-- that's what we need!


Dang it, Birthday!

Well, I've paid the price for my birthday splurging. I'm up a pound since Friday. Grr! I'm so mad at myself now! Its wasn't even very satisfying all that extra sugar! Overall, I'm still down 9lbs, but that's the same as last week.

My dad will tell me that I'll see a big drop in the next few days because that's how it seemed to always work for him. He's been a very successful dieter... a number of times. He also has tried many different plans, but he's amazing at sticking with it whereas me-- not so much. At least I wasn't.

Now, everything's changed. I have a diet-buddy in Hubs and I don't think I'll ever go back to how I used to eat. When we were in that cycle of overeating, we did not feel good about ourselves. My idea of showing Hubs I was thinking of him was to buy him his favorite candy. We kept up this cycle together-- each enabling the other. I'm so glad that we both decided to start on this journey at the same time.


No cravings? It's true!

So, I'm sure you're all saying, "Blobba, you are such a freaking liar! You must have terrible cravings all the time!" Not so, my friends. And this is the first time I've changed my eating habits when I didn't have unbelievable cravings!

While part of this I attribute to Leptin (see previous post), part of it I attribute to losing my taste for sugar. I can honestly say that I don't crave sugar anymore. Here's an example:

It was my birthday this weekend, so I decided I "deserved" to splurge. (I guess the way I think about food hasn't completely changed yet!) Hubs took me to a Mexican restaurant and I was going to go crazy! But when it came time to get whatever I wanted, guess what I did? I got something that would be totally acceptable on the BFC.

The truth about overeating

A brief history of my dieting shows that I've tried almost everything! The Diabetics Diet, Montignac Diet, Carbohydrates Addicts, Dr. Phil, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, low-cal, all-natural, blah, blah blah! With all those diets, I have experienced two things that made success very unlikely: deprivation and cravings.

Those of us who have dieted know the feeling: "If I can just stick with this-- that brownie will not defeat me!! Must. Not. Eat!" Most diets focus on cutting things out. Less calories! No carbs! Low fat! Don't! Don't! Don't! It's all very intense and stressful. But food shouldn't be that way.

Food should be tasty, but we should be able to-- and want to-- stop eating when we've gotten enough nutrition. There's a hormone whose specific purpose is to tell us to stop eating. It's called Leptin and it sends messages from your cells to your brain to stop consumption. At least it's supposed to.

Bygones are bygones

Two years ago (!) on this blog, I kept track of an earlier weight-loss effort that was mildly successful. I had gone to a weight loss doctor and reduced my calories while taking phendimetrizine and B12 shots. The pills made me jumpy and the shots were a waste of $15/week. The diet was good, though. My biggest complaint was that I had awful cravings almost constantly. Either I just wasn't ready to change or there was something wrong with the diet.

Flash forward two years and I am back in the same place... almost. In the mean time I got married and gained what I had lost, plus 15 pounds. :( After talking to his doctor, Hubby reported that there was this video we had to watch and book we had to read. The doctor was putting Hubs on a diet. Being the supportive wife I (hopefully) am, I sat down with him to watch this video about the evils of fructose and what has happened to the American diet over time.

The video was a presentation by Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D. to the UC Medical School. I can only term it as life-changing. It was like a light went on and I could all of a sudden see where I was at. Why had I gained 20lbs in one year of marriage? How about all the soda I had been drinking? The daily dose of candy or ice cream? Yeah... it was that simple. And besides that, what were those restaurants putting in everything we ate? The short answer was this: fructose.

And the book? It was the Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise. Now, I am not generally a fan of diet books (although I've read and tested a bunch!), but the simplicity of the plan is what got me. It was an easy way to implement what Dr. Lustig had recommended and it didn't take a lot of changes to our everyday life.

So, how are we doing? Great! Hubs has lost 20 lbs and I have lost 10lbs this first month. Yes, it's true-- two sugar-loving, junk food junkies have totally changed how they eat and it wasn't even difficult. One month into this new life and we're feeling great and seeing changes every day.

The best part? No cravings. It's crazy!

If you want to see the video (it's long-- be forewarned!), it's on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnniua6-oM

To read about the Belly Fat Cure (BFC), click here: blog.jorgecruise.com/images/Report_v3.pdf