Woo HOO!!

Today, I am officially down 20 lbs!! I have worked so hard for this, I'm very impressed with myself right now! :)

If ever anyone who is overweight were to say they can't lose weight (I'm looking at you, Sister!), I'm here to say yes you can! It might not be easy and you might make mistakes, but you can do it! It has taken me 5 and a half months to lose 20lbs on a diet that others see amazing results on very quickly. Why? Because I'm not perfect and I wasn't always carbs counting right. I gave myself a couple cheat days (literally two days). My life has been pretty dang stressful and my hormones have been all over the map. But I did it.

And here's the key, I think. The number one thing that people trying to lose weight have to do: No matter what program you are on, you have to keep doing it. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, BFC, Atkins-- whatever! Just keep doing it. You messed up? Oh, well. Keep going!

So, in that spirit, I vow to keep going! Yes, I'm very proud of myself so far, but I can't stop now! There's still so much more to lose! In the past, I have unconsciously sabotaged myself when I was doing well at losing weight. I don't know why-- fear of success? I would be like, "Woo hoo! I lost ten pounds!" Then I'd find myself eating a cupcake later that day. "It's OK. I'll get back on program tomorrow." But then I don't.

Not this time! I'm just going to keep on keepin' on. ;)


Kay said...

Congrats on your 20 lbs! I am excited for you! You are totally right, the only people that fail are the ones that quit trying. This is a LIFETIME!
I'm not always perfect either:)
Have a great "loser" day!

Rosalie said...

Hi Barb, I am so proud of you! You have finally figured out what I have been saying the whole time. Just never give up.
Have a great weekend :-)

Dawn said...

YAY! Great job on the 20 pounds, and on the mental focus! Have a great weekend!

Beth said...

Twenty pounds is awesome!! Losing slow is OK, as long as your losing! Let's keep going and see how low we can go, lol!

Diana said...

Congrats on the 20lb weight loss and it does not matter how long it takes to lose it. You have it right....you can never give up just keep on trucking.