Home again :)

Well, we had a great time in California, but I'm glad to be home! Whew! That was a whirlwind trip. I have to admit that I didn't stay on plan the whole time, but I did most of the time. I was worried I'd come home and see I had gained 5lbs, but that didn't happen. Instead, it was a no loss/no gain kind of week, which is good considering all I ate!

We drove everywhere, which meant trying to be good while eating "road trip food". We tried pork rinds, but they were gross! We ate some beef jerky and bought Funions, but never opened them. Smart Food popcorn was good, and we were careful to stay within the limit there. Mostly while driving it was lots and lots of water!

How I cheated:

  • At Universal Studios we got the all day meal pass which meant free dessert with every meal. I tried the "brookie" (brownie/cookie mix) and a chocolate chip cookie. Both were really disgusting and I only ate a couple bites. One that was gross, and one to make sure it was really gross! Lol.
  • At the most delicious steakhouse I've ever been to, Spencer's in San Jose, I had creme brulee for dessert. I shared with Hubs, but he didn't like it. I ate half of it and it was AMAZING!
  • At the Tipsy Pig in San Francisco, I had fish and chips (was pretty good on carbs) and then homemade ice cream sandwiches (made with gelato). I had 1 ice cream sandwich. Yum!
Other than that, I was pretty good. I won't say perfect, because I'm sure that's not the case! I think what saved me was all the walking around we did.

Anyway-- can't say that I recommend cheating to anyone and there are three reasons why: (1) it's always disappointing; (2) it makes it harder to be good the next day; and (3) it can make you sick! We have gotten so used to eating a certain way that all that junk made our tummies ache!

I'm glad to be home now, but it's too bad to have to go back to work and everything. Oh well! We can start saving up for our next vacation!

Thanks for all the great advice before we left! I did think about what you all said while we were out there (hence the fish and chips!). Sorry I didn't take the time to blog while we were on the road. It was a really good motivator knowing that I would have to come back and report to you all how I did, though! Thanks for being my virtual buddy system!


Rosalie said...

HI Barb, It sound like you all had a good time. Next time you are close b, call me and we can meet.
You eating was not all that bad either considering. Not being up in weight is great.
Have a great day :-)

Barb said...

Hi Rosalie!

Yeah, I thought about getting in touch with you, but we were pretty much nonstop on the go. Next time it would be really fun to meet! :) Hubs is all excited to try Disneyland next time, so maybe in the Spring.

Thanks for the encouragement! :)

Beth said...

Glad you had such a good time! You did good maintaining your weight while on vacation - that can be hard. I'm doing the Fast Track challenge for fourteen days to see if I can crack my plateau!

Dawn said...

I think you did awesome! I tend to cheat a little on vacation too, although the longer I eat this way the less I want to. It just isn't appealing. yay for that! Glad to hear you had no gains, so in my mind that's a win win!!