Preach it, sister!

I admit it-- I'm converted to the BFC. I evangelize at every opportunity without shame! I discuss it with anyone who brings up dieting, sugar, health, energy... anything that remotely relates. The best is when someone actually asks me about my diet. Yes, sir, they will get an earful of preaching!

A friend of mine just emailed me and asked about the BFC. She wants to lose 5lbs. Ha! 5 lbs? In your sleep, friend! Just stick with the S/C and you're golden! Well, I admit I wasn't quite as pithy in the email. Instead, I went on and on about how great it is and little tricks I use to stay on track and how sugar grosses me out now. I gave her the bare bones and the link to the Report online since it has so much useful info. Poor girl! I hope I didn't scare her off!

But it made me think that the BFC really has changed my life. And I'm so glad! Today is my official weigh in, but I didn't lose anything this week. But I didn't gain anything either! And that's great news for me! I am still more than 18lbs lighter than I was in June. And by the end of the year, that number will be so much higher!

Have a fantastic day, BFCers!


Rosalie said...

Hi Barb, I am the same way. I think I do actually scare them a little. I guess losing 88lbs is intimating. But don't give up on the sharing. If you can help just 1 person feel better about themselves isn't it worth it?
Don't worry about the no loss, at least it was no gain.
Have a great day :-)

Kay said...

Great job on the 18 lbs!!! Preach it BFC sister!

Dawn said...

You go, keep it up, girl! I agree with what Rosalie said, if you change one person's life, it will be worth it! And you have already changed yours, so you're ahead already!

Beth said...

Barb, you're so funny! But you're right about turning people on to the BFC!

Sherri said...

Alleluia Sister! Preach away girl! So happy for you and your success!