Long time no talk to

Sorry I've been off the map for a while, everyone. Thanks for your comments and for telling me that my posts weren't updating right. Hopefully the problem has been fixed!

I was reading over at Dawn's Daily Chocolate today and she talked about seeing overweight people everywhere. I was actually thinking the same thing this weekend. There was a news report about a school and ALL of the kids were chubby. Seriously-- ALL OF THEM! I started trying to find a regular or skinny kid. Not a single one there!

Part of why I'm happy to be on the BFC is how it is shaping my attitudes towards food. I feel like I don't sit around and crave certain things like I used to. I'm hoping that as I change, I'll be able to pass down healthier habits to my kids (whenever we have them!). I really don't want my kids to inherit the "bad genes" that I have. I put that in quotes, because a lot of it isn't really genes at all, but what I've done with them.

My sister often points out that we are doubly cursed in my family. My dad's family was overweight and my mom's was, too. Well, I don't really agree with that view. My grandma on my dad's side was a little plump, but she was never fat. My grandpa was very athletic and never overweight. On my mom's side... well, I'll concede that both grandparents were big. My point is that while there may be a propensity for obesity in my family, it's not the same as destiny. I refuse to accept that. My genetics didn't make me eat junk every day. They didn't make me stuff my face with candy. That was me.

Hopefully, my kids will never know me as someone with food issues. Hopefully, they will just expect that most things don't have sugar added to them and that veggies are a normal part of every meal. Hopefully they will run and play just because they like to and there's plenty of opportunity and not because they have to for P.E. Hopefully, things will be different for them.

On the lighter side-- the in-laws are still going strong and they have each lost 20lbs!! I can't believe mom-in-law has already overtaken my progress! :) I'm really happy for them. Also, Hubs just noticed today that the belt he could just barely fit into a month ago now has three inches leeway! Woo hoo!


Dawn said...

Hey great job all of you over there! Yahoo! You know, I felt a little negative for bringing that up about seeing heavy people everywhere, but it is true! I hope that the more of us start eating less sugar and carbohydrates, the more of us will rub off on people around. Hope we can effect change. Especially starting within the family. As I type this, my boys are playing in the backyard together. yay! They would rather be playing video games, but I'm putting my foot down. ;) And they sure sound like they are having FUN!

Rosalie said...

I agree with you and Dawn about heavy people everywhere. I think my weight was the genes also. I started looking exactly like my MOM. Now she has passed over 9 years ago and I always say - SHE totally could have done this with me.
Great job everybody :-)

Beth said...

You must have fixed the problem because your Blog popped right up this time! Glad all of you are doing so good! My parents are basically normal sized so I have only myself to blame for getting heavy! I used to blame it on the pregnancies but now that my youngest is 16 I guess I can't really do that anymore, lol!