Babbling about girly stuff

Good afternoon, BFC'ers! How are things going out there in blogland? For me, things are good. I'm working, but there's not much going on, so it's pretty relaxed. I'm a bit worried about getting enough water today as I left home in a hurry so I didn't get my water bottles filled up.

Work has done away with the free filtered water and I refuse to drink the water fountain water. If you've ever tasted Phoenix water, you understand. It tastes like dirty, rusted metal. I really should see if some of the other staff here would like to start out own water club, but I have no idea how we'd ensure only those who paid for it would be able to use it.

Other than that, I'm obsessing about Red Carpet Gel Manicure products right now! I love having done up nails, but I hate paying money for them. Also, I really don't like acrylic nails. I've been on a quest for a while to find products that are super strong, last a long time and look nice. Right now, I'm using Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps. It works great, but it isn't perfectly smooth like a gel treatment would be.

So, I saw in an ULTA circular that they are now offering Red Carpet Manicure products. The system involves a UV light that cures the product on the nails. I set out to buy it, but only got the light, a couple polishes and the remover. My local ULTA was out of the base, the top coat and the finisher. So, basically, I couldn't do it. After calling around, it became apparent that this product is pretty dang popular and is sold out everywhere! Bummer.

So, I used the Sally Hansen stuff. I used the stuff pictured on the base, a simple color polish, then another layer of the base to seal it in (we were out of town and I didn't have my usual top coat). It turned out goopy because it didn't completely dry before I fell asleep. Oops! So, two layers of topcoat when I got home and everything's smooth and shiny. I'm still going to get that Red Carpet stuff at some point.

...And, I'm babbling. I guess there's nothing really to report diet-wise. Still doing my thing!


Beth said...

Barb, I meant to comment on your previous post and then I saw this new post! Congrats on the scale going down! Every bit in the downward direction is a victory. Can't comment too much on the nail thing since I don't do my nails. I guess being raised with all boys and then having all boys I didn't get too girly! I do admire the way they look on other people though!

Rosalie said...

Hello, As you remember I have been doing my own nails too due to the fact that I got a bad fungus infection on my thumb. It has gone away but never connected all the way back yet, it is still separated down too far.
I have never heard of the red carpet stuff but I will look for it. Thanks and have a great day :-)