Tough week again

Well, things are going OK diet-wise, although I didn't lose that much this week. Still, I'll take it! Hubs and I have been going a bit crazy on the ice cream lately, so I'm sure that's not helping with the weight loss! He put the kibosh on mid-week ice cream since we do a terrible job of saving carbs for it. What was I expecting? To drop even though I'm eating ice cream every other day? Lol.

Other than that, everyone is sick. FIL is sick, MIL is sick, Hubs is sick and I'm getting sick. Ugh! We just don't have enough energy to go around these days. I'm cutting out of work early today so I can maybe get a nap in. And I think we need more veggies in our house!

Still surviving and still BFC'ing.


Rosalie said...

HI Barb, I hope you all feel better. :-)

Dawn said...

LOL about the ice cream! We had sickies over here last week - yuck!

Beth said...

Losing weight is hard work! Hope we both have a better luck next week!