End of August already?

Well, life just keeps on going. We are so out of food in our house-- it's ridiculous. I was supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday, but I was so worn down that I didn't go. Hubs told me it was OK because we have some hot dogs and he can have that for lunch and then we're going over to our friends' place for dinner. But, the shopping must happen! Tomorrow is my first long work day and I'll need something to take with me for dinner.

I'm a bit bummed out that I haven't had a net loss this month. I'm in the same place I was at the end of July. It stinks, but at least I'm still down 17 pounds from the beginning of June! I've also lost something like 4 inches from my waist! So, really, I shouldn't complain or worry. Just keep going!

Yesterday I ran into my carpool buddy and one of her coworkers at lunch. Her coworker had done the HCG diet and lost 47 lbs in 41 days. That's crazy! For a second I thought, "Maybe I should try that..." But I snapped back into reality when she explained how hard it has been coming off the diet. She said she is supposed to slowly reintroduce different types of foods. She has gained 4 lbs back already.

I think it's better to take longer getting to the goal and establish good eating habits as you go rather than crash diet and then have to figure out what you can eat. That's why I always liked Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. With Jenny Craig, you start learning how to eat like a human as part of the program. Weight Watchers, you have to figure it out as you go. BFC is like Weight Watchers in that way-- you have an outline and it's up to you to figure it out. It's working for me so far!


Rosalie said...

Yes I have learned that we can't forget to go shopping. When we fun out of healthy things to eat then what?
That is the problem with some diets, when you try to eat normal again - you gain it all back.
But the BFC is a lifetime thing, so you never stop, therefore you will never gain it back.

Dawn said...

I agree - it's much better to change the way you eat than to go on a diet. Good luck on your long work day!!

Beth said...

I do that sometimes too... you know hear about some other amazing diet and I start thinking maybe I should try that. Then I remember how easy this one is, and how I like the food we can eat,plus I'm not hungry all the time ...and then, like you, I stop thinking about other diets!