Christmas Plan

I forgot to talk about  my plans to stay on track for Christmas!

Well, the first thing is, I am not going to have any sweets except Godiva dark chocolate! I decided to treat myself and go to the Godiva store and see what kind of dark goodness they have there. (I'm drooling as I write this!) Hubs has declared he will eat some candy, but only of the sugar-free variety.

The other thing is, luckily, we have family that are staying on track, too! The in-laws (who are doing great on the BFC, btw!) are having a White Elephant Bingo night on Christmas Eve. (The rules are if you get Bingo, you get a gag gift or you can steal someone else's like in White Elephant.) She is making chili (too carby for my taste!) and I'm making Turkey Leftover Soup (turkey in broth with veggies). No desserts for us because we are having our limited candy.

We are making Brad Pitt's Mom's Breakfast (also known as Breakfast Casserole) for Christmas morning. The ingredients are bread, sausage, eggs, milk, mustard and cheese. We will be altering it to include BFC-friendly bread and almond milk. I also am hoping Hubs can find turkey sausage to cut down on some of the fat!

So, wish us luck with our plan! If I can make sure not to gain anything this week, I'll get happy. But I still would like to see a little loss, just to be extra proud of myself! :)


Dawn said...

good luck! you know that planning is everything, and it sounds like you've thought of everything!

Rosalie said...

Have a good time and just do the best you can at staying on track. :-)