Am I the worst blogger ever? Probably.

Well, sorry to any and all who have been checking up on me, hoping to see an update. Life. Is. CRAZY! But I'm still doing well on the BFC and it looks like ice cream really was the culprit because I'm losing again since we decided to limit how often we make it.

Hubs started to lose again (even though it feels like he never stopped) and told his doc about it. The doc said that even though BFC works as a general idea, too much of any one thing is going to cause problems. So, lesson learned!

Hubs is up to 40 lbs lost and I'm at 19.4lbs. So tantalizingly close to 20!!! I'll make it there and beyond. No stopping me now!


Rosalie said...

Great to hear from you - you both are doing great! I also eat clemmys just once in a while. You are right - too much of a good thing - is not that good.
Have a great day :-)

Beth said...

So glad to hear the weight is coming off! Good for you! Yeah, ice cream is good, but not THAT good!