Awesome products time!

There are a few things that Hubs and I have found that make life MUCH easier on the BFC. Here is the list:

Top 8 BFC Finds

  1. Benefiber. It is flavorless and helps ensure everything's ship shape in the tummy.

  2. Sugar free syrup. Just a little goes a long way. Add butter to your french toast before and it's oh so yummy!

  3. Nature's Own bread with no high fructose corn syrup. Speaking of french toast, use this stuff and you can have 4 pieces for your 2 servings per meal!

  4. Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. We use cream and almond milk with stevia to make the most delicious ice cream ever! Seriously-- the chocolate ice cream we made the other day was crazy!

  5. Almond Breeze almond milk. A great way to get your calcium without the carbs.

  6. Truvia. Need to get your sweet on? This stuff works great in ice cream, on cereal and in oatmeal.

  7. Green and Black's dark chocolate. The best dark chocolate I've tasted! Sure, it has like 1 more gram of carbohydrates, but it is SO worth it.

  8. Blue Diamon Wasabi Almonds. Uh-- yum! Totally spicy and totally legit. It's a great snack.



Rosalie said...

HI Barb, Good to see you blogging. Add the follower's widget - so others can follow and know when you make a new post.
Have a great day :-)

Barb said...

Thanks for the input, Rosalie! And thanks for visiting my blog. :) I added the "Follower" gadget like you suggested. I'm loving connecting with others online-- there's so much support out there!
Keep up all your hard work on PurpleRosy!