Glad I made it through the week

So, as I was saying in my previous post, this week has been a toughie. I did end up back down and even losing 0.2lbs according to the scale, but it was a rough week. It's hard to stay motivated sometimes, although I can't say that I really was craving anything specific. It's not like I wanted to go stuff my face, but I did want to just not think about what was safe to eat so much.

Yesterday, Hubs and I accidentally made the most delicious ice creamy treat! We started making our usual ice cream and Hubs asked if I'd make chocolate syrup from our 85% dark chocolate (Green & Blacks brand). So, I rigged a double boiler in the microwave and started melting that chocolate. He tasted it and asked that I put in some Almond Milk to make it creamier. I did that, but it was gloppy. As the ice cream maker was still going, I got the idea to drop the choco-concoction into the ice cream and maybe it would freeze quickly into chocolate chips. Hubs agreed and I ended up dumping the whole thing in.

When the ice cream was done, we topped it with Redi-Whip and, OMG! it was delish! It tasted like chocolate pie with chocolate shavings. Oh man! If only I knew a low-carb crust recipe, I'd totally make that every night of the week! Sooooo yummy! I'm serious-- it wasn't "good for being low-sugar" it was just plain GOOD! :)

Hubs has now lost more than 30 lbs!!!! Woo hoo! Way to go, sweetie!!

Oh, I should also mention that I went to the doc yesterday (I don't have strep) and told him how well Hubs was doing. He was ecstatic and got all giddy talking about BFC and Dr. Lustig's "Bitter Truth" video. Kindred spirit!

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