Doctor Who Fan Orchestra

I originally had this as part of last post, but it was already so long, I felt bad! Anyway, I'm very excited about this, so I just had to share.

A couple months ago, I saw this video of Doctor Who fans from around the world compiling their recordings to create a virtual orchestra. It was so moving as a fellow fan, to see all these people get together and thank the creative minds behind the show and its amazing music. Here's the video of them performing "I Am the Doctor":

When I found out they were doing another piece soon, I knew I had to be a part of it! I immediately contacted Stephen Willis (the arranger/producer/conductor/genius). After a couple weeks, he got back to me and I'm in! I play flute and sing soprano.

We're working on "This is Gallifrey/Vale Decem" which will be incredible! Here's a performance at The Proms of the one we're working on now:

For any who don't know, The Proms is a series of concerts in London held in the summer at the Royal Albert Hall. It's short for "promenade concerts" because the audience walks around. It's called the most democratic concert tradition because it was designed to offer more affordable access to classical music performances.

Anyway, just had to share the excitement of it all! I played flute in high school, so this is a lot of work to get my skills back in shape! Hopefully, it'll be good enough. I'll post a link to the new video when it's all done!

Thanks for reading!

Oh, and thanks for all the ideas about coconut bread! I will definitely try it again! :)


Beth said...

Barb, I think this is so fantastic! How exciting for you to be part of it! My oldest son LOVES the Dr. Who series, but I've never seen it.
By the way your blog is not updating in my Blog list so I've been missing your posts. I have that problem too sometimes and have to keep publishing my post until it shows up. Weird!

Dawn said...

i have also been missing your posts. So sorry!