Old dress, new me

I woke up today knowing that I had a job interview to dress for. I am heading over there right after work, so I needed something I could wear all day, but was a little nicer than what I wear most days. I thought about it while I showered and thought, "I wish I could wear that black dress, but it's too tight still."

Then I realized--I had no idea how that dress would fit me now. I've lost 17lbs! It might fit. Maybe.

So, I tried it on and it slipped right down over my hips like it should! I was so psyched!!

Now, this dress is my barometer dress. What I mean by that is, I can tell how much I've lost or gained based on how it fits (or doesn't!). When I first bought it 8 years ago (oh my, I'm old!), it fit pretty well, but I was a little self-conscious that it showed my rolls too much. I wore it sometimes. But as I lost weight, I wore it more often because it started to look dang good! Then, all of a sudden, it was baggy! Woo hoo! I was thin!

Then (cue depressing music), I started to gain. The dress went back to nice, then fitted, on to tight and then to no-way-am-I-getting-this-past-my-shoulders! But I held onto it. I did Jenny Craig and got back to "fitted". Then I stopped and a few years later, it was beyond tight again.

Now it's fitted again! :) I can't wait for this dress I've had so long to be baggy again. I'm gonna have a major celebration when it's too big to wear.


Rosalie said...

Wow that's really awesome Barb!! What a good feel huh? Just wait till you lose more and have to go buy new ones. :-)

Dawn said...

Woo hoo! Way to go Barb! I'm doing the happy dance for you!! Good luck on the interview today!

Sherri said...

I love it when that happens!!! Good for you!!! Happy dancin with Dawn for you! Hope your interview went well.

Beth said...

I have a few pieces of clothing I did that with too! Nothing feels better than getting back into things again! The confidence you got from getting into the dress will sail you through your interview! Hope it went well!

Barb said...

Thanks for the kudos, ladies! It means a lot! :)