July 1

So, it's officially July. So long, first month on BFC and hello, the rest of my life! :)

Things are going pretty well. Just found out yesterday that my in-laws are going to start BFC'ing as well. I'm excited for them. I think they'll be surprised at how easy it is after a couple weeks. And once they start seeing results, they'll be psyched to continue!

Also, I have found two awesome products that are BFC-safe and yummy besides. The first is Blue Diamond Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. They are very spicy, but so yummy! 6grams of carbs per serving, so if you have a little less than their suggested  serving size (not hard since they're fiery!), then it would be a 2S/0C food. Just keep track of those sugar grams! They add up fast!

The other product I'm excited about right now is Bahama Bucks Thin Ice sno cones. We have a Bahama Bucks near us and Hubs and I have been tempted to go and sample the sugar-free offerings, but were scared off by the thought that they were "probably made with Splenda." Artificial sweeteners are verboten on BFC for a number of reasons. But, I just found out that Bahama Bucks does not use artificial sweeteners! They are made with Stevia and are a 0S/0C treat! Totally free! :)

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