Thanksgiving didn't hurt that much

Well, I can't say that things turned out exactly as I planned on Thanksgiving, but it didn't hurt that much in the end! The best part was that I didn't gain! I am surprised (and happy) to report that I actually lost weight even with Thanksgiving happening!

So, the question of the hour must be: How did I do it? How did I stay on track with all that yummy Thanksgiving-ness going on around me? Well, I have to give a shout out to Dawn for her inspiring thoughts on holiday meal planning. Hubs and I did limit our carbs earlier in the day so we could splurge a bit without guilt. I also made a low-sugar, no-crust pumpkin pie that we enjoyed while the in-laws wasted their time on the huge Costco pumpkin pie they brought.

I won't say that Thanksgiving was completely on plan as far as limiting carbs goes, but we definitely didn't go crazy. I'm so proud of us! I did have a bite of "regular" pumpkin pie (it was gross) and a couple candy corns (which I used to love, but now taste like medicine). I'm so over sugared things! I think I can safely and honestly say I don't like sweets anymore. Wow... big moment for me!

Hubs is now at 44lbs down and I'm at 22. I'll take it! This last week has been GREAT! I fit into my "sort of skinny jeans" and regained some momentum. Yay!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, too!


Diana said...

Barb, congrats for making it through Thanksgiving without gaining any weight. You planned well and it payed off. Congrats on your weight loss and your husbands too.

Beth said...

You're doing great! I'd be interested in seeing a sample of one of your typical days since I'm sort of stalled right now and trying to shake things up again. I've never lost the taste for sweetness - but I get it now with Stevia and Truvia.

Dawn said...

Great job Barb! Thank you for the kudos - I'm glad I could help you motivate yourself to do well on the 'big day.' Now aren't you proud of yourself?!? :) Have an awesome Friday!

Kay said...

Great job! You and your husband are doing awesome together.

Rosalie said...

Wow you both are doing so great! Keep it up! :-)