Busy week

Wow-- I can't believe it's already been a week! Well, I'm up again a little and I'm starting to think I need to follow Rosalie's example and not eat grains in the evening. Something to shake me out of this plateau!

So, things have been NUTS over here. Dad-in-law went into the hospital last week and had emergency surgery on Friday when the MRI showed something suspicious. He is recovering now, but it's been really rough on him. He has been in and out of hospitals for 3 years or more with one problem after another. The poor man! What makes it even worse is he is such a doer-- always running errands or fixing the house up. And now he has to just lay there on morphine. I worry.

Anyway, we've been driving around trying to visit him and take care of Mom-in-law. They live 30 mins from us and the hospital is about 45 mins from us, so the driving adds up after a while! I also work about 60 mins away, so there isn't a lot of time left over for normal stuff right now.

On a happier note, I just found out that I passed the bar exam! I took it this summer, which was a pretty stressful experience (as I'm sure you can imagine). Anyway, I have officially passed and I can now start thinking about what I might do next... We'll see!

The weird irony is that I found out about the bar exam right as I walked into Dad-in-law's hospital room to see him before his surgery. I was crying and everyone thought it was because I had failed. But nope! I was so happy to have passed. Of course, everyone was already emotional because Dad-in-law was saying his goodbyes like this surgery was going to be it for him. So, there were lots of mixed emotions that night.

He pulled through OK, so I'm trying not to worry too much. Instead, let's think about happy things, ok? How about what my business cards should say once I'm admitted to the bar? Or how this time next year Hubs and I will be thin and healthy!


Dawn said...

Awesome! Great job on passing the Bar! woop woop! Stress puts weight on me, too. I'm up this week, and I don't think I'm eating enough extras to warrant the 2 pounds, either. But it is a stressful week, so there's no getting around it! Good luck with the rest of the week, and know that you will feel better next week if you keep on eating the right way as opposed to eating bad food because you are already up.

Rosalie said...

Congrats on passing!! That is awesome. I also hope that you in laws are OK.
I think that cutting out the evening grain carb will help you. And try to be done with all your food by 7pm.
Have a great day tomorrow :-)

Beth said...

First of all, that is AWESOME that you passed the bar!! Wow!! What kind of law do you want to practice?
Second of all, I am so sorry you had such a scary, stressful week with your father-in-law being sick. I'm so happy things went well for him.
Lastly - I've been doing no grains for 11 days now and I'm still on my plateau!! All we can do is keep at it and tweak things here and there until we find the magic combination that works for us!