First day at the new job

So, I'm trying out the new blogger layout and it's weird! I feel like my information about my blog is being hidden from me, even though it's right on the homepage now. Lol. I guess this will take some getting used to!

I did my first day at the new job yesterday and it went great! There are two really sweet girls who work the same time I do. They're both going to school there (this is in a college library), so they are very young, but we ended up just chatting the whole time. They said it's always very slow in the evenings so I'll hardly ever have anything to do. I can deal with that! :)

Here's a sad fact, though: I made more during my 4-hour shift there than I did all day in my regular job! Pathetic, isn't it? I do like my regular job, though, and I'm not in a hurry to move on just yet. It sure will be nice to get some extra income, though!

As far as my eating, it wasn't too hard. I was worried about the having to take dinner with me thing. Well, I ended up packing ham sandwich on Nature's Own bread for 1 carb and some chips for a second carb if I felt like I really needed it. Turns out, I didn't which I was happy about. :)

So far so good!


Beth said...

So glad you like your new job! I would like working in a college atmosphere. Sounds like you did ok on your dinner.

Rosalie said...

Sounds like yo had a great first day. All I can say is yo are so lucky to have those jobs.
Have a great weekend :-)

Dawn said...

Woo hoo on not needing the chips! :) Sounds like a great first day! Have a great weekend!!

Kay said...

Every day that we have a success is a successful day! The first 3 months on the BFC I had chips with my lunch. I would put 5 on the plate and that was it. I also had hamburger dill slices. They are salty and crunchy and gave me what I was looking for:)
You are working 2 jobs? You go girl!