Weekends are hard

Well, I'm down from where I started this week and I'm pretty sure it's because it was "that time of the month" again. I really do see a huge fluctuation around that time. It's pretty frustrating, but since I'm dedicated to sticking it out, I'm sure I'll see an overall downward trend after a while.

But, it's the weekend now. I ususally see an increase in weight on the weekends. Hubs blames it on our usual popcorn at the movie. He probably has a point! Although we save carbs for it, we are chowing down pretty late at night when we go to the movies. Yesterday, though (we usually go on Fridays), we didn't go out. This is the perfect time to see if it is the popcorn. I'll keep you posted!

But, really, maybe I just shouldn't be weighing myself every single day! It gets addictive, especially when you can see little drops day after day. But when there's an increase, it's frustrating and you get mad at yourself. It's probably not a productive cycle. I really should pledge to weigh myself only once a week, but... you know... I'm a scale addict!

Anyway, here's to a perfect BFC weekend!


Rosalie said...

I weight myself everyday too. It lets me know how I'm doing. As women our weight goes up and down all the time. Don't worry. Have a great day :-)

Beth said...

Hi, just wanted to say welcome! I just started the BFC myself in April with a goal of losing 47lbs. I'm down 22 so far. I think sometimes the weekends seem hard because we are maybe around the house more or maybe not as busy. When I'm out running errands or have something great planned for the day I don't think about food as much.
I only count the weight I am on Wednesdays but sometimes I sneak in little weigh-ins on other days just to see how I'm doing. They go up and down. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

Dawn said...

I weigh in every day too. It keeps me motivated and accountable, not necessarily in that order. Good luck with the weekend! They used to be hard for me, but not so much anymore. Not sure why. ;)

Sherri said...

Hi Barb! Found your site through Rosalie. Please tell me about how you make your ice cream with the stevia. I HATE mallitol & refuse to eat it. The intestinal discomfort is not worth it and stevia doesnt do that to me. Can you please post your recipe as well as the stevia that you use? (liquid or crystals) Thanks so much!
Keep on keepin on!