So, turns out I'm not that great of a preacher

The friend I was telling you about in the last post said that the BFC sounds too hard and she's just going to do Weight Watchers instead. Well, I think that's fine and dandy - whatever works! What it made me think about was how much healthier I'm eating now. People hear the rules and say "You must be eating a ton of meat then!" Well, no actually.

Jorge Cruise says in the book that it's virtually impossible to overeat on meat if you are eating the right amount of carbs because your "full hormones" are working properly. I have definitely found that to be true! I don't eat more meat than I did before. In fact, I think I eat less! What I do eat more of is veggies and nuts!

Hubs and I have been talking about how important nuts have become in our lives to help us with the afternoon slump. A handful of peanuts and my energy level is back to normal and I'm ready to go until dinner. It's all about keeping our blood sugar even all day long.

So, I didn't convert my friend, but I just think she doesn't know what she's missing! Oh well. Maybe one day I'll get another chance to convince her. ;)


Dawn said...

No worries about your friend! They don't know what they are missing, but maybe they'll ask you again sometime, when they get tired of counting points! :)

Kay said...

I can't seem to convince anyone to do anything more than to watch how much sugar is in things. I always hear "I could never do that!" OK. I never thought I could give up sugar and I did. We just constantly surprise ourselves!

Sherri said...

Well, I will chime in here because I have been on WW since DEc and am down almost 40# and over 17.5 inches over my body. It is a sound plan and does work. I think its a matter of finding something that is a "liveable" plan for you. I know that I cant do BFC for more than a couple of days because it feels very restrictive for me and I enjoy the fact that nothing is off limits, its all about moderation & learning to co exist with all food. Perhaps your friend will take away some bits & pieces of what you said so dont think that it has fallen on completely deaf ears. You are doing great on BFC and Im sure she sees that. Hopefully she will be as equally successful on WW. It does work when you work it, whatever plan you choose to follow. Just my 2 cents. Have a wonderful weekend !

Barb said...

Sherri-- thanks for your input! I've tried Weight Watchers before and I liked the flexibility, too. I think it's a really smart plan and works for a lot of people. I didn't mean to bash WW! :)

I think any plan that helps you figure out how to eat the right proportions is a good one. BFC is working for me and I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm a sweet junkie-- even fruit can cause me to fall of the wagon. But, you're right-- whatever works is what a person should do.

Kay-- I totally agree with you that we can surprise ourselves. Isn't it wonderful? :)

Dawn-- I'm sure my friend will be successful with WW. She's a very determined person when she wants to be. But, yeah, she's been on and off WW for years, so maybe one day she'll want to give BFC a try. I'll make sure I'm ready!

Rosalie said...

Hello, I agree that it is easy to get people to listen but not to do it. I can't tell you how many people Say they like it but it sounds too hard. If we can all just get 1 person each to get healthy that would be great. Weather it's BFC or WW.
The BFC it great for some of us but not for everyone. Have a great day :-)