Ok, I am totally excited because even though I was up 3lbs in the middle of the week, I ended the week down 0.8 from last week. I knew "that time of the month" couldn't keep me down!

Things are going pretty well. Hubs and I work hard to keep each other motivated. He is looking so THIN! I can't believe it! I know it'll be a while before that much of a difference will be noticeable in me, but I can already tell the difference in my clothes. It's a great feeling and I just want it to keep going. :)

My in-laws are also trying the BFC and so far have seen some good results. Mom-in-law has lost 6 lbs and I don't know about Dad-in-law. They aren't completely strict (Mom said she snuck a banana last week! The horror! Lol), but they are definitely seeing a difference which is great. I hope they can stick with it long enough to see the cravings pretty much disappear and to start seeing the progress.


Phew! That was close!

Seeing I was up 3.2lbs yesterday totally freaked me out! Well, this morning, I was down again. Still about 1.4lbs heavier than last week, but that's a lot better than yesterday.

Just wanted to share my happiness that I haven't totally lost momentum!



Well, I'm up 3.2lbs. It's that time of the month and Hubs says I should just be patient. But I don't want to be patient! I want to see progress now! I'm sure everything will be fine and I'll drop as soon as it's over, but it sure is frustrating to see those numbers climb. Wrong direction, scale! Don't you know anything, you dumb piece of plastic?

Poor Hubs, he's up a pound, too. Maybe he and I need to take a closer look at how we're eating and make sure we're being really strict.

In the BFC book, it says that if you hit a plateau, you should do three things: eat more fiber, drink more water, and try eating all your carbs before 4pm (I think it was 4). Well, I haven't been great with the fiber or water for the last few days, and I definitely have been eating carbs after 4, so there are some things I can do, I guess.

Just keep plugging away, I guess. I know the end result will be worth pushing through this set back.


Another weekend gone

Time is just flying by! I'm pretty happy about that, to be honest. Right now, time can't move fast enough! :)

Well, this weekend was good. I saw Harry Potter twice which meant lots of popcorn! I did plan it into my day, so it didn't hurt me at all. In fact, I am still slowly, steadily losing.

I had a talk with my carpool buddy about juicing and all this stuff she's heard about how good it is for you and everything. Well, here's my two cents: It's probably better than eating junk every day, but it's still not a natural way to consume your food. Apples don't come mushed up-- we are designed to do that ourselves. This indicates to me that the process of chewing stuff up is important. But, if someone is getting all the nutrients they need and they are cutting out a lot of unnatural stuff, then good for them!

But she did say something that was interesting. She was watching a documentary about juicing and the guy was asking people if they would change how they eat in order to be healthier. She said that most of the people said no-- that they were happy how they were. How strange! And yet, I understand that way of thinking.


Visiting Family

So, the trip to see my family went really well. On the first day they had worked with me to find a restaurant for lunch that had things we could work with. We went to Ruby Tuesday where they have lots of different sides that worked out really well. I tried the mashed cauliflower and spaghetti squash. Yum! I even had enough carbs to have crab cakes (one of my faves!). Then for dinner, my sister wanted to do something simple like sandwiches, so we went to the store where I could get stuff that really worked for us. It went well.

We had a really nice time with the family even though it felt like we were trying to pack in months' worth of visiting into a few hours! It was a good break, too, except that my mom got a 24-hour bug of some kind. And, of course, when I got home I started to feel sick too. Ick! One of the worst feeling bugs I've ever had, but at least it was only one day.

Last night we made sugar-free ice cream in our new ice cream maker. We used the recipe from the manual but substituted Almond Milk and stevia for milk and sugar. It ended up being S0/C0 and very tasty! Nothing beats the icy creaminess of ice cream!

Even with the traveling and eating out, I still was down this week and so was Hubs! Still going strong on the BFC!


Slow and steady

Well, it's been a tough few days eating-wise. I've been tired of the same-old, same-old so I was trying to change things up a little. I haven't strayed from the plan, but it was harder later in the day when I ate too many carbs earlier in the day. Also, I haven't been getting enough sleep, so I'm tired all the time. This makes me want carbs more than usual. I just need sleep!!

This weekend we're going to visit my family in Colorado which I'm pretty excited about. But I know my family-- we're all about eating when we get together. I need to remember that and see situations for what they are-- social situations, not food situations. At least the family is all aware of what we're doing, so they'll be nice about it. I hope.

Sometimes it seems like people get all bratty about it. It's like they feel guilty for not doing anything about their own unhealthy situation, so they try to talk you down. Like, "Don't get rid of your fat clothes!" What? Are you kidding me? Way to be supportive! That's just not cool. I try not to talk about it too overly much with people because I don't want to be annoying, but I am very excited about it still. This may be the best change I've ever made for myself.

Btw-- Hubs has lost more than 25lbs now! He's doing so great! I'm doing okay, too. It's just slower. Which is OK with me as long as I keep losing. :)


July 1

So, it's officially July. So long, first month on BFC and hello, the rest of my life! :)

Things are going pretty well. Just found out yesterday that my in-laws are going to start BFC'ing as well. I'm excited for them. I think they'll be surprised at how easy it is after a couple weeks. And once they start seeing results, they'll be psyched to continue!

Also, I have found two awesome products that are BFC-safe and yummy besides. The first is Blue Diamond Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds. They are very spicy, but so yummy! 6grams of carbs per serving, so if you have a little less than their suggested  serving size (not hard since they're fiery!), then it would be a 2S/0C food. Just keep track of those sugar grams! They add up fast!

The other product I'm excited about right now is Bahama Bucks Thin Ice sno cones. We have a Bahama Bucks near us and Hubs and I have been tempted to go and sample the sugar-free offerings, but were scared off by the thought that they were "probably made with Splenda." Artificial sweeteners are verboten on BFC for a number of reasons. But, I just found out that Bahama Bucks does not use artificial sweeteners! They are made with Stevia and are a 0S/0C treat! Totally free! :)