Feel a plateau coming on

Last time I lost on the BFC, I had a very distinct pattern-- lose, plateau, lose, plateau. Basically, I lost weight every other week. The off weeks, I usually lost nothing, or next to nothing. Well, folks, I've had two really awesome weeks, so I just know my weigh-in Monday is going to be a plateau. I'm good with that.

No, I'm not. I keep trying to pep talk myself and remind myself it's a long journey and I need to be patient. But I'm terrible at patience!!! I don't want it to be slow, I want to have big, dramatic losses every week! Every day would be even better!

But here's the thing: Yes, I'm trying to lose weight, but more than that, I want to keep it off. I am so, so tired of the yo-yo and so, so tired of being fat. I want for once to be a "normal" size. I know I'll probably never be totally satisfied with my body, but I'd like to at least be able to buy a "Large" at a store and have a shot that it will fit me. How amazing would that be??

And I don't ever want to go back. Ever. I want there to come a time when people don't even remember what I looked like when I was fat.

And I want to be healthier. For the rest of my life, I want to be able to think, "I'm so glad I lost all that weight because now I'm healthier."

All that takes time. I know it does. It's just--just--I want it all NOW! Or I want to be able to keep it all in view at least. And when I plateau, it's hard to remember that it's all part of the process.

Sigh. Oh well.


OMG, you guys! Seriously.

MyFitnessPal is my new BFF. Hubs and I started using the app to save all the food we were eating and I can't even believe what a difference it has made. Not only am I totally accountable now, but I also can see how few calories I'm actually eating on the BFC. No wonder it works!!

Here's what's amazing: I'm not even trying that hard. I just keep things within 20-40g of carbs per meal and it's like magic. My body doesn't want to gorge on meat, so my calories just keep themselves within the limits MFP created for me.

My favorite part is saving the data from the day and it tells me "If every day were like today, you'd weigh ____ in 5 weeks!" It's almost like I've accomplished that goal already when I see that number. It's a mini goal that I know is feasible! It feels awesome.

I can't rave enough about MFP. The food data is already in there most of the time. And you can see how you're doing on all your major nutrients each day. Love love love!

A couple weeks ago, I was seriously bummed. I hadn't lost very much and thought I had been doing pretty well on the BFC. At first, I had just cut out sugar and wondered why I wasn't losing when I have SO much to lose. Then, I started counting carbs more and I realized I had been way over eating. So I lost a little when I did that. Then my parents came to town and (as predicted) I fell off the wagon big time and gained some back. Finally, Hubs brought up using MFP and I thought, "Why not?"

I lost 4 pounds last week using MFP. That's a total of 7 overall now, which is great. The best part is-- I actually have hope that I can keep this up and see success!