Up again, down again

So, as seems to be my way, I was up then down then up this weekend in weight. It's frustrating to see the scale bounce back up again. My hands were all puffy on Sunday like I was retaining water like crazy. What makes that happen? My hands seem to be better today, but I was up 3 lbs this morning from yesterday! Gah!

Yesterday we had the in-laws over. They made us Philly cheese steak sandwiches and we made them our favorite ice cream. Dad-in-law had 3 bowls of ice cream, so I think he liked it! Haha. It's probably the cheese steak that made me gain! I had never had a cheese steak before-- it was really good!

Well, we're road tripping to California this week. We start tomorrow after work and head to L.A. We're going to see Jay Leno and Universal Studios. Then we'll drive a little ways up the PCH to Hearst Castle before heading inland to the I-5 and San Jose. My brother lives there, so we'll visit him, take a tour of all the tech companies (for Hubs's benefit) and see my school (I graduated from Santa Clara). We're planning on hitting San Francisco on Saturday and seeing my Aunt and some of our friends that evening. Then, it's the long drive back on Sunday. It will be a VERY packed week! Lol.

Wish us luck in eating right this week! I'm sure we'll do OK since we're still both very determined and we have a bit of practice in eating out and doing it well. Still, there will be temptations. Here's hoping we do OK.

I'm sure I'll post on the road a little, but in case I don't-- have a FANTASTIC week all you BFCers!


Kay said...

Have a wonderful trip! My advice on the eating out is to eat a lot of meat! I tend to eat a lot of fish and chips or chicken strips. Some carbs in there, but better than some things. Eat what you want to eat so you won't be tempted to eat both...what you should eat, and what you want to eat:)

Rosalie said...

Well sounds like you have a great trip planned. If you have time, call me I live in Chino Hills. I have been to hearst castle once and as I remember it was beautiful.
Have fun and just try to eat as healthy as you can. :-)

Dawn said...

I love Kay's advice - eat what you want so you don't eat both. That is a problem I find myself having at times. Enjoy your trip, and don't sweat the scale. I gain with sodium excess, or when I don't drink enough water, or if I eat a heavy meal the day before. It will come off!

Beth said...

Hope you have a great trip as well! I don't think it's too hard to stay on track while traveling. For me its a little easier because someone else is doing the cooking, and I'm just picking the right stuff off the menus. Restaurants are always willing to exchange rice or french frys for veggies. Then if they aren't on you plate you don't have to be tempted by them. Have fun!