Bygones are bygones

Two years ago (!) on this blog, I kept track of an earlier weight-loss effort that was mildly successful. I had gone to a weight loss doctor and reduced my calories while taking phendimetrizine and B12 shots. The pills made me jumpy and the shots were a waste of $15/week. The diet was good, though. My biggest complaint was that I had awful cravings almost constantly. Either I just wasn't ready to change or there was something wrong with the diet.

Flash forward two years and I am back in the same place... almost. In the mean time I got married and gained what I had lost, plus 15 pounds. :( After talking to his doctor, Hubby reported that there was this video we had to watch and book we had to read. The doctor was putting Hubs on a diet. Being the supportive wife I (hopefully) am, I sat down with him to watch this video about the evils of fructose and what has happened to the American diet over time.

The video was a presentation by Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D. to the UC Medical School. I can only term it as life-changing. It was like a light went on and I could all of a sudden see where I was at. Why had I gained 20lbs in one year of marriage? How about all the soda I had been drinking? The daily dose of candy or ice cream? Yeah... it was that simple. And besides that, what were those restaurants putting in everything we ate? The short answer was this: fructose.

And the book? It was the Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise. Now, I am not generally a fan of diet books (although I've read and tested a bunch!), but the simplicity of the plan is what got me. It was an easy way to implement what Dr. Lustig had recommended and it didn't take a lot of changes to our everyday life.

So, how are we doing? Great! Hubs has lost 20 lbs and I have lost 10lbs this first month. Yes, it's true-- two sugar-loving, junk food junkies have totally changed how they eat and it wasn't even difficult. One month into this new life and we're feeling great and seeing changes every day.

The best part? No cravings. It's crazy!

If you want to see the video (it's long-- be forewarned!), it's on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnniua6-oM

To read about the Belly Fat Cure (BFC), click here: blog.jorgecruise.com/images/Report_v3.pdf

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