Origin story

First, the good news: I have lost some of that pesky weight that I am going to blame on hormones. I have 1/2 lb to go before I'm back to my lowest so far. No problem! This time next week I'll be at a new low. I'll just keep thinking that and it'll help me get through this week. :)

So, I realized after telling Hubs that I'm doing this blog (he didn't know-- not that I was hiding it from him, I just didn't think he'd care to read it or anything) that perhaps the name is a bit weird. His reaction was "Aww, sweetie! You're not a blob!" which was sweet, but it got me thinking that people might assume I have low self esteem or something. Well, there's a story behind the name Blobba.

When I was a kid, my dad would give us funny nicknames that sounded like our real names but were kind of gross things. I can't remember what he called my sister and brother, but he called me Barf, Burp or Blob. Yeah, my name is Barb, Dad. Very funny! Well, I'll be honest-- I did think it was funny most of the time. My sister thought it was hilarious. She started calling me Blobba the Butt which was less funny to 10 year old me. But as we got older, we got to be friends. She still called me Blobba sometimes, but dropped "the Butt" part. She's very thoughtful like that.

Anyway, so I use Blobba here because it's my diet blog (and sometimes I do feel like a blob!) and it's an old nickname that makes me smile. And I just realized that I used "gut" instead of "butt." I'm not sure why I did that. I'm sure a psychoanalyst could tell you. :)


Rosalie said...

I understand the nick name thing. My mom was the only person that called me Rosy. So that's why I put it on my blog. I hear people call me that and it reminds me of her, she's been gone for 8 yrs now.
Try not to put so much emphasis on the lbs. Just remember that we as women, our weight goes up and down 2lbs all the time.
Have a great day :-)

Dawn said...

Well, I am sure glad that you don't think of yourself as a blob! And that the weight is coming back off, too! It's tough to be happy about the weight coming 'back off' when you wish it hadn't gone there in the first place, huh!

Sherri said...

Had to laugh at your post. Im glad that you didnt get offended when your dad called you those names. I am kinda sensitive so I think I probably would have been a little offended/hurt.
Anyways, good to know the geneaology of your nickname. Thanks for sharing & for the ice cream recipe.

Barb said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Rosy! I do have to remember that fluctuations are OK-- it's the overall trend that matters. Tough one to keep in mind!