Great news, everyone!

I am back down to my pre-birthday weight! Whew! That was a scary few days watching my weight go up two pounds when I was trying really hard (except for the birthday craziness!).

Hooray for being 10lbs lighter than I was in May! I hope my progress continues on this same path so I'll be at least 7lbs lighter at the end of July. Oh man-- I can't wait for the day when I can tell people, "Yeah, I lost 20lbs and still ate chocolate every day!" :D

It's funny how people's reactions differ when I tell them about the BFC. Some brush it off as a fad diet ("Oh, so it's like Atkins?") and others act like it's a temporary fix ("So, when can you eat normally again?"). What they don't realize is that eating like this is normal. It's not a "diet" as in "a way to lose weight" but rather a sustainable way of eating. There's no reason to ever change how I eat again. This is it.

I've said before how BFC is a lot like other diets I've been on and it is. It reminds me of the Diabetics diet my mom used to follow when I was a kid, but without the fruit. The basics there were: eat a little bit from every food group and stay below 1200 calories. Pretty normal. I think the reason that type of diet is so hard is because you're still putting too much sugar (by way of artificial sweeteners and fruit) into your body which keeps the cravings going.

I have no idea how many calories I've been eating, but I do know that I don't sit around wanting specific foods. In fact, yesterday I had this big discussion with Hubs about what I should make myself for dinner (he was out). My problem: I didn't crave anything specifically. I would have been as happy with a burrito as with a salad. It occurred to me in that moment that even if I could eat absolutely anything I wanted (Singapore noodles, anyone?), I still would only want to eat the BFC way.

Another funny thing I've realized: In the book, Jorge Cruise says that it's impossible to overeat on meat when you're eating the right way. I laughed at that when I read it because I had tried South Beach and had stuffed myself so much I thought I would burst. I just didn't believe he was right. But in the last week or so, I've noticed that when I'm full, I just don't want to eat anymore. It isn't like, "Oh I'm so FUUULLLLLL!" It's more like, "Oh, I haven't taken a bite for a couple minutes. I must be full."

And the strange thing is-- it's such a relief! I feel like I'm being freed from some kind of awful prison where my cravings held me hostage. I used to literally daydream about dinner when I knew we were going out or about the ice cream I had waiting for me at home. Isn't that sad? I mean, who was that pitiful creature who wanted to spend her time fantasizing about junk food and then planning her night around it?

Who am I now? What do I spend my time thinking about now? Well, I guess it's this blog and that's a pretty good substitute for the moment. But how exciting to see what life will be like two, three, four months from now!

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