Another weekend gone

Time is just flying by! I'm pretty happy about that, to be honest. Right now, time can't move fast enough! :)

Well, this weekend was good. I saw Harry Potter twice which meant lots of popcorn! I did plan it into my day, so it didn't hurt me at all. In fact, I am still slowly, steadily losing.

I had a talk with my carpool buddy about juicing and all this stuff she's heard about how good it is for you and everything. Well, here's my two cents: It's probably better than eating junk every day, but it's still not a natural way to consume your food. Apples don't come mushed up-- we are designed to do that ourselves. This indicates to me that the process of chewing stuff up is important. But, if someone is getting all the nutrients they need and they are cutting out a lot of unnatural stuff, then good for them!

But she did say something that was interesting. She was watching a documentary about juicing and the guy was asking people if they would change how they eat in order to be healthier. She said that most of the people said no-- that they were happy how they were. How strange! And yet, I understand that way of thinking.

For a long time, I was "happy" being the weight I was. I figured, "This is how I am and I better love myself." I remember making the same decision over and over again to be happy with how I was. One time I went on vacation with a friend of mine and we decided to hang out at the pool. I made that decision again-- "I am not going to hide under a t-shirt and not get a tan because I don't like how I look. If people around me don't like it, they can go somewhere else." I did enjoy myself at the pool, but I did feel dumb, too. I was ashamed of myself and telling myself over and over again not to be.

What I was doing at that time was denying what I knew to be true-- I could feel good about both how I look and how I live my life. But at the time I just thought, "I'm OK with me and I like candy, so sue me!" I didn't realize how much better I would feel about my choices every day when I consistently choose to eat what my body needs.

Now, I'm not the kind of person to say that everyone must look like some "ideal" that's out there. I don't believe that. But I do firmly believe that when I reach a healthy, sustainable weight, I will still be a "bigger" girl. I'm not built to be a size 2. I got my dad's broader shoulders and my mom's muscle-y legs. But I think that when I get to my ideal size, I will look like someone who takes care of themselves. And that's what I'd like.

Hubs said the other day: "Wow! Look at how flat your stomach is, love!" That was an awesome moment of win. :)

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