No cravings? It's true!

So, I'm sure you're all saying, "Blobba, you are such a freaking liar! You must have terrible cravings all the time!" Not so, my friends. And this is the first time I've changed my eating habits when I didn't have unbelievable cravings!

While part of this I attribute to Leptin (see previous post), part of it I attribute to losing my taste for sugar. I can honestly say that I don't crave sugar anymore. Here's an example:

It was my birthday this weekend, so I decided I "deserved" to splurge. (I guess the way I think about food hasn't completely changed yet!) Hubs took me to a Mexican restaurant and I was going to go crazy! But when it came time to get whatever I wanted, guess what I did? I got something that would be totally acceptable on the BFC.

Ok, but I was going to get dessert. I mean, it was free, after all! And I had been so good all month! So, I got what sounded yummiest to me-- cheesecake chimis. The idea is pure decadence-- cheesecake filling with chocolate, rolled in a flaky pastry and deep fried, then covered in more chocolate! Drool-inducing, right? I was psyched!

Boy was I disappointed! I could tell this would have been the kind of thing I would have loved before, but it was overwhelming how sweet it was. Icky-sweet. I couldn't finish the filling and instead scraped off the chocolate and ate the pastry part. Oh, and there was unsweetened whipped cream that was good, too.

Take two: the next day was my actual birthday and Hubs encouraged me to go crazy for one day. We went to Denny's for free brunch (can you tell I like free things? Lol). I was going to get pancakes and all sorts of crazy things. But Hubs was looking up nutritional information for himself so he could stay on plan. So, I asked him, out of curiosity, about their pancakes. EEK! So much sugar in those things-- even before syrup! I couldn't make myself do it. So, I got stuff that was on plan and wasn't even sad about it.

Take three: my birthday party was that night and, boy, was I going to pig out! There was going to be cupcakes, after all, and there's nothing I love more than a good cupcake. I was going to eat all the fries I wanted, too. Yes, sir-- I was going to glut! (That's a word, right?) But of course, after eating a few fries, I was done there. Just didn't want more. And the cupcake wasn't appealing when it was placed in front of me. What I did eat (finally! An indulgence!) was an ice cream sandwich pie (ice cream sandwiches with whipped cream and chocolate syrup). And fruit! A glorious star-shaped piece of watermelon! (Cute and yummy!)

The moral of the story is this: after 3.5 weeks of limiting sugar intake to 15 grams per day, I have lost my taste for sugar. I just don't really like it anymore! I can remember what I used to think of it and there was a moment there where I really wanted to recapture that indulging feeling, but I'm just not wired for it anymore!

And it's liberating.

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