Coconut bread, a.k.a. What did I do wrong?

Well, since everyone's raving about Dawn's Coconut Bread, I had to try making some myself! I actually used the recipe from Rosy's blog (sorry, Dawn!). Well, it did nto turn out well and it reminded me why I don't bake more! First, I wanted to do the chocolate bread, but I didn't have enough cocoa. Of course, I didn't really find that out until after I had added some cocoa already. Oops. Also, I didn't use any baking soda (which maybe doesn't matter too much).

So, I ended up with a grayish loaf of something that wanted to be brownies in its heart, but didn't have the talent so it had to settle for being meatloaf instead. I ate some anyway. Last night, hot with some butter on it, it was OK. Today, cold with nothing added, it made me feel sick.

Moral of the story for me: follow the stinkin' recipe and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients! I really should stick with ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, we finally tried Clemmy's. It's mentioned in the book and everyone talks about how yummy it is, but we didn't like it. It was too sweet for us! I guess our homemade ice cream must be pretty bland, but we're used to it now. So, I won't be hunting down Clemmy's again. Oh well!

Even though we had some missteps in the last couple days trying new foods, it was good to have new things we could try! It's so easy to get into a rut in order to stay "safe", but I think it's important to break out of that sometimes and remember that food can be fun without being belly bad.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a great day!


Rosalie said...

HI, I'm sorry the coconut bread didn't turn out great. It really is not like bread or cake, kid of reminds me of a scone. It's supposed to be baking powder not soda. and add more 7 eggs instead of 6 and at least 12 truvia's it will taste better. And eat it with natures hollow or peanut butter on top, or cream cheese and natures hollow.
Try again - you might like it.

Dawn said...

Bummer about the coconut bread not working out. :( I find that I keep modifying the recipe, but it is a dense loaf of bread still. I like it more when I put lots of cinnamon in it and a little less flour. Sifting the flour is really important, too. I will try to update later with a better recipe.

Beth said...

Try the lemon coconut bread and only bake it about 30 minutes. It's my favorite! I agree that it's good to try new things. I always like when someone comes up with a new recipe or meal idea that the rest of us can try! Have a great weekend!

Kay said...

I tried to make my coconut bread taste like coffee cake...no way, it refused to cooperate!
Funny blog today:)