Whew! I survived!

I thought that rehearsal would be the death of me. I also thought I was going to be really achy afterwards. It wasn't too bad today. The worst part was my knees-- they just feel tight. They don't hurt or anything, but they're just not feeling quite normal.

So, tomorrow might be my first big test (when it comes to eating right). Amber is throwing a party for Leighann and no one is coming. Amber said she bought a Dairy Queen cake... Scary for me! Not only does ice cream sound pretty good right about now, but I also feel like I have to eat some because Amber went to the trouble.

OK, easy problem first: Amber's wasted effort. It's not my fault she bought the cake before anyone responded to the invitation. It's not my fault Dairy Queen cakes are expensive. I have every right to not eat any of it. And if she gets huffy, I'll just remind her that she has been in my shoes before-- trying to eat right with other people trying to push food on her.

The other problem: I kinda want some! Well, right at the moment I'm hungry since it's the middle of the night and I'm still up. (Why am I still up, by the way?) Also, I view food as a bonding experience. I need to remember that eating the cake will not strengthen our friendships. We can share other things-- like the games and movie that we will enjoy. If I absolutely must have some cake, I can work it in. There are things I can take out of my diet to allow for it. But the cake will not make me happier-- not eating the cake, on the other hand, might.

OK, I think I'm ready.

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