First week done

Well, that was depressing. After weighing myself at home and seeing 7lbs come off, I expected to see at least that much on the scale at the doctor's. Not to be. The official number is 5lbs. Down 5lbs. Did I gain two pounds in the two days since I weighed myself at home? Probably not. Well... possibly, I guess.

All I know is I did everything right my first week (aside from a little too much mayo a couple times). I should just be proud of myself for that, but it's hard not to feel disappointed when the Wii told me something different than the scale at the doctor.

BUT Samantha said that she only lost 4lbs her first week, but that the weight loss was generally consistent. So... maybe I can get another couple weeks of dramatic numbers (like 5!)-- wouldn't that be cool? We'll see. I do start play rehearsal this week, so that will mean a lot more exercise in my life.

I was talking to Kim the other day about why it is that people gain back weight they've already lost. I mean, I know why-- they go back to eating poorly and not exercising-- but why do they let themselves? I don't want to return to former habits after this. I want to change how I process my feelings, etc so I don't turn to food for comfort, quick energy, etc. How do I change the way I think?

This week: -5lbs
Total: -5lbs

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