2nd Day, still going!

Usually the 2nd day is the hardest for me when I start eating differently. This time, it wasn't too bad.

The biggest mistake I made was having the meal replacement bar, but not having any other food with it. It was several hours before I ate again and it wasn't great. I read somewhere about PhenD that you have to make sure to eat because being very hungry (low energy) along with the false sense of energy the pill gives you can make you feel tense and shaky. That's what happened to me. I just felt PMSed or something. I was perfectly fine after I ate, though.

It's good to know the meal replacements aren't meant to be eaten alone. I bought them so I could use them when I go from work to rehearsal (starting next week). Now I know to plan on bringing some other foods with me.

And, guess what? Another 1.3lbs lost. I'm trying to not get an unrealistic expectation for how I will lose after this week. Samantha said she lost 2-4lbs/week consistently the whole time she was on it (about a year). That is really good and I need to remember that when things slow down to that level, it's a good thing-- healthier.

This week: -5.9lbs
Total: -5.9lbs

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