Whew! Day 3.

Well, I'm still right on track. I thought today was going to be really hard because I worked from home, but it turned out alright. The hardest part was right before dinner-- I just wanted to EAT!!!

I tried saving up my fruits so I could get a Jamba Juice w/out ice cream (just fruit and ice). While it tasted great, it was hard not to have the whole thing (I really should only have about 1/2 of a small one which would count as 3 fruits). But I did stop before finishing it! I felt good about that.

I'm noticing that I'm pretty obsessed with what I eat right now. If I didn't think it was weird to do so, I would probably talk about my eating habits constantly. Good thing I have a blog where I can do that!

I took the PhenD a little earlier today and it seemed to work better that way. I actually fell asleep before 11 while watching a movie! The last few days I've found it hard to sleep-- I just didn't feel tired at all. I think I'll stick with the earlier schedule.

Well, tomorrow I'm doing the garage sale (finally!) but it's also another day of diuretic. Could be a crazy day! I'm trying not to hope for too big a weight loss since I already did the diuretic once earlier this week. I probably shouldn't weigh myself until I go to the doctor again on Monday.

We'll see how that goes!

This week: - 5.9lbs
Total: -5.9lbs

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