First night of rehearsals done

So, we had rehearsal last night which was basically just a lot of sitting around, singing. As a dancer, I don't think I'll be singing very much as evidenced by the fact that when I didn't have music and asked for some they asked, "Are you in the chorus?" and I told them no, I was a dancer and they said, "Oh. You won't need it." Ah. Very good then.

But no dancing last night. I'm hoping that we'll start dancing on Saturday even though they told us we'll be doing a sing-through on Saturday. (Sounds like more sitting around, right?) I just wanna dance!

My biggest concern right now is my memory. It is getting very bad indeed. A couple times my roomates have had to remind me of things they told me the day before and I had no memory at all of it. That hasn't happened to me for a long time. Then I forgot my laptop at home two days in a row. Whenever I'm getting ready, I notice that I'm forgetting little things like my phone and I'll have to go back upstairs to get it. Again, this is new for me... at least to this extent. Then I left my phone at work yesterday. And I forgot to get the $$ due for VW to Dad. I don't know if I'm just not getting enough sleep or if it's a side-effect of the PhenD. I'll look it up.

Other than that things are going well. I'm trying not to weigh myself this week until I go back in on Monday. That might be hard to do. If I get frustrated, maybe I'll weigh myself to see the progress.

Those meal replacement bars aren't a great idea for me. They don't actually replace all the calories from a meal so I end up getting cranky when my meds wear off. Really cranky. It wasn't pretty last night. If I'm going to eat them, I have to eat other foods along with it. I think they may work better for breakfast because I'm not as tired in the morning and I take the PhenD about two hours after breakfast anyway.

Total: -5lbs

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