First post, first week, first day

I just started on a weight-loss program with Dr. James Martin in Mesa, AZ. The program includes a 1,000 cal diet (modeled after the old diabetics diet w/ exchanges, remember that?), weekly B5/B6 shots, B5/B6 oral spray, appetite suppressants and diuretics (to be used occasionally). It is quite a lot to keep track of. So far, I'm thinking more about all the things I have to do than about the food I'm missing!

This might also have something to do with the appetite suppressant I'm taking. It is phendimetrazine (PhenD) which is essentially a milder version phentermine (PhenT) and makes me feel like I've just downed two Cokes. I feel slightly caffeinated, but not too jittery. The biggest effect (other than the lack of hunger) is optimism. Yes, that's right: optimism. I would say it's unnatural optimism, but that makes me sound like a pessimistic person. I just feel like everything will work out all the time. Maybe that's because it will. Or maybe it's because of the drugs. :)

At any rate, I had to take the diuretic for the first time yesterday and I was in the restroom like 7 times during work! (Maybe that's a slight exaggeration! Very slight.) It seems to have paid off because I lost 4.6lbs yesterday. Now my fear is that I'll just put that water weight back on because it came off unnaturally.

So, I feel pretty good (thank you, PhenD!) and I'm glad I'm eating so much more healthily. I know this won't be a quick fix for me. Even with drugs and diuretics, it will take a good, long while to get to my overall goal weight. Then the goal will be to keep it off. It will be a lifelong process.

This week: -4.6lbs
Total: -4.6lbs

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