Week one almost finished...

I'm nervous for tomorrow! I'm going to the weight doctor for my first check in. So far, I think I've lost quite a bit for the first week, but I'm still holding my breath. I worry that I'll gain all of this water weight all of a sudden or something.

My second diuretic wasn't nearly as dramatic as the first. I lost 4.6lbs with the first one and may 1lb with the second one. I guess that's a good sign that I'm not retaining water.

Anyway... I'm getting into a routine with eating and that's nice. It still doesn't feel like a burden which is good. There were a couple of moments when I wanted something delicious (movie popcorn, anyone?), but I did a good job to stay away. I'm proud of myself!

The musical starts on Wednesday. That should be a lot of fun and some good aerobic exercise! Hopefully that will help me to drop some more. I know that I need to incorporate working out into my life somehow-- it just seems like I'm so busy! How do people do it all?

This week: -7lbs
Total: -7lbs

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