I'm just going to accept that the Wii is sometimes right

I didn't go to the weight doctor on Monday for several reasons: 1) I was tired, 2) I didn't want to use the gas/miles, 3) I don't really believe the B5/6 shot they give me is really worth it, and 4) the Wii already told me I lost weight. I think I'll just skip this week and go next week.
The thing is, while it's not expensive to go to the weight doctor (just $15 for the shot each week), it's still money that I won't be getting back and I'm not totally convinced that the B5/6 really works. I mean, I'm all for vitamins, but I think my body should be able to lose weight just by eating less and exercising.
Speaking of exercise, I started working out at Chelsea's parents' this week. They have a workout room with a recumbant bike, eliptical machine, and weights. I did the eliptical for 15 minutes and the bike for 5, then we did a little weight training. This was on Monday. It was good, but I wasn't sore the next day, so I'm pretty sure I didn't work as hard as I should have.
Some happy news, though-- I was upset yesterday because I haven't heard about any jobs and I was telling my friend Becky. She said, "Well, on the upside, those pants are looking too big for you! Like, falling-off-your-body big." I must admit, that did make me feel better. :)

Well, we'll see what the weight doctor has in store for me next time... Maybe I'll go on Saturday. I wish I could go get weighed without having to get the shot. That's just not how it works. They would still charge me $15.

This week: -6lbs (according to the Wii, but since I skipped the weight doctor, I'll accept it as truth)
Total: -18.84lbs

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