I am stronger than I thought...

I was fearful, as my boss was telling me that my internship will definitely end in July, that I would fall off the wagon and go crazy with ice cream, chocolate, etc. When I left work, I was very hungry and I thought about Sonic... so easy, so delicious!
But I just told myself to stop thinking about that stuff and just eat what I had with me for dinner. So, on the way to rehearsal, I ate my good food and try to pep myself up. That only kind of worked. But by the time I got there, I felt a lot better, although I realized I had forgotten to bring half of my food with me!
So, after rehearsal, I asked Becky if she wanted to go out to dinner. We went to Rudy's Mexican restaurant (which is my new favorite dive). The menu was inviting and I was starving! But, I guess I am stronger than I thought!
I actually was able to calculate what I could eat on the menu and what I definitely should not have. No chimichanga for me. No cheesy quesadilla. No chips before the waitress took my order! I was amazing. I got a dinner salad with some guacamole (delicious, but very spicy!!) and a chicken soft taco. Not only did I get the right kind of food, I loved it AND it was VERY cheap! Then, the waitress pushed soft-serve ice cream on us ("It's free with your dinner! It's fat free! Have some!"). I caved! She brought it over and I picked up the little plastic spoon, dipped it in and had a bite. But just one! It was hardly even difficult to push the cup away from me after that.

I was very proud of myself. And I am today, too! I didn't pack a lunch because... well... I'm tired of sandwiches. (Note to self: bring real food next week!) I was talking about it with Chelsea this morning and she said I could have one of her frozen meals because they were "pretty good" when it came to calories, etc. (I'm supposed to have 220-250 cals per meal). So, she pulled out a Marie Callendar's chicken parmesan-- 640 cals! Chicken alfredo-- 330! That's a lot of calories! I thanked her, but said no.
So... long story somewhat shorter-- I went to Church's Chicken for lunch. Really not the best place to find healthy food. I can't claim that what I had was healthy, but it was at least the right calorie/carb content. I had missed a meat at breakfast, so I was able to eat 3 servings of meat and a starch. Luckily, I did bring carrots and applesauce with me to fill out my fruit/veggie requirements. I ended up getting a chicken strip meal with no sides. It came with four strips and, after reading the nutritional information on line, I found that I could have two strips. And oh my goodness, it was yummy. A little too yummy, I'm afraid.
So, now I'm full and happy. :) Kim and I are going out to eat, though, and this might present another challenge. It'll be easier if we go somewhere I can have fish. Restaurants tend to treat fish a little better than they treat other meats. As long as I don't get anything fried, it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
I guess this ended up being a food diary entry of sorts. Sorry about that.

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