Long rant... sorry. Good week, though

So, another good week. I lost 3.5lbs! Yay!
I missed my meds once or twice this week which made it a little harder. It's funny because I had gotten used to what it feels like to be on PhenD, so when I didn't take it I kept thinking, "Why am I so hungry?" It really does work.
My biggest problem this week is generally not feeling like eating. I'm tired of all the food-- it just feels like so much. I guess because I have to be constantly thinking about what I'm going to make, how much, etc. This is why Jenny Craig was so easy-- I never had to think. I just had to chew and swallow.
On the other hand, it's a good thing because I'm getting used to planning out what I eat. The first couple week, I didn't mind the repetative meals (egg for breakfast, sandwich for lunch...). Now, though, I'm craving variety. So instead of just boiled chicken, I bought ground turkey (thank you, Biggest Loser!) and made turkey spaghetti. It was delicious. And I'm trying to vary the kinds of fruit I eat as well.
I thought drinking enough water was going to be a problem, but it really isn't. The PhenD makes me thirsty anyway, but then I also have just gotten used to not drinking anything but water and milk. It's not so bad.
The worst "temptations" (if you can even call them that) this week have been commercials. Pizza! Chicken! Pepsi! They all look so appealing on TV. I was watching TV the other day when a Pizza Hut commercial came on and I thought, "Ah, those were the good old days. Coming home from law school, being really tired and ordering a pizza. Then zoning out in front of the TV while stuffing myself into numbness." I remembered what that super-stuffed feeling was like and I wanted that again. I don't even remember what had happened during the day-- or if there even was anything that happened that made me crave food. Maybe it was just the commercial.
But that yearning for high-fat, high-calorie comfort food also made me sad. Maybe it's because there were a lot of sad feelings I was trying to cover up with food, so much so that now that food means not only comfort, but sadness, too.
It's not all meloncholy these days, though. In fact, it was just that one time that I started to look back at my habits and feel sorry for myself-- for the "old" me. I'm also noticing that sometimes, I really judge people for what they eat. I can't believe it, but there are moments when I see a pudgy person eating junk food and I think, "And you wonder why you're pudgy?" I don't want to judge other people for their food choices, though. That's not right. And I don't want to feel self-righteous because I'm making good choices, either. Hm.
Finally... (I guess it's been too long since I blogged. Sorry, this is getting really rambling...) Finally, I'm realizing just how out of touch most people seem to be when it comes to eating right. I read a student's paper about obesity in America and it said a Whopper has something like 1,500 calories which is "3/4 of your daily calories." Three-fourths of whose calories? That's at least 300 calories more than what I should be eating and I'm average height for a woman. It's 3/4 of the daily calories for the average man, maybe.

This week: -3.5lbs
Total: -10.64lbs

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