Time slips away

No way. There is no way that it has been 7 weeks since the MPRE and 7 weeks since I've posted. How did that happen?

Well, the good news is that I haven't gained any weight. And I've stayed on track. The bad news I haven't lost anything. But I'm OK with that in this current moment.

Since I posted I found out that I did not pass the exam. I guess I'm too unethical to be a lawyer! Haha. But seriously I'll have to take the test again in August. Ugh! This time I'll study extra hard! I don't think I took that test as seriously as I should. The first time I took it (5 years ago) I thought it was a piece of cake and I passed. So, goes to show you that you forget a lot in 5 years. Like the fact that I took an entire class to prepare for the test the first time around. Yeah... I need to find a course or something this time.

Also, the doctor has started me on Clomid. We want to have a baby and it's been just about a year that we've been trying. The whole story of how I ended up being seen by this particular doctor is kind of crazy, but within 10 minutes she had me pegged: I wasn't ovulating every month and when I did it was too late in my cycle. So, drugs it is!

I've been on it for three days now and I've already had some side effects. Some worse than others. I expected to be a raging monster, but I'm only a little more weepy than usual. The surprises for me were the hot flashes (I'm like menopausal over here!) and the THIRST! Constant, all the time, doesn't matter if I just drank a whole liter of water I want more- thirst. Which means I feel like I live my life in the ladies room at work these last few days. But it also means I've dropped 3lbs. So, silver lining. Although, I was retaining water already, so it's not a net loss.

I'm a little nervous because one of the listed side effects is weight gain. I really do not need that to happen! I'm hoping that the women that happens with they are emotional eaters or something. So, it's not just a medical eventuality, it's more something that can be prevented. That's my hope anyway!

So, that's what up with me. Oh-- and what up with all the Ghirardelli 86% chocolate being sold out everywhere?! Is this happening anywhere else or is it just my podunk neck of the woods?

I'm off to check up on you all!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with re-testing and getting pregnant! :)

Rosalie said...

Yes good luck with the test and the baby. And OH no - I can't be w/o my chocolate. I will have to check that today. :-)