Finally! 25lbs!!

Actually, I'm down 26.2lbs now, but I am just so happy to finally be past the 25lb mark! It has been a long struggle, but SO worth it! I've been BFC'ing for 11 months, so that works out to about 0.6lbs/week. Slow, I know, but still happening, so I'm satisfied.

Now, you all know that I've been plateaued for a long time and repeatedly. The first time, Hubs and I figured it was all the ice cream because we weren't counting it right. (And, frankly, no matter what you're eating, if you're having it all the time it's probably not good!) So, that got me back on track for a while. Then - BAM! - another plateau after Christmas. This went on for months-- there was some up and down, but it all ended up with me at the same place.

About a month ago, Hubs and I took a look at what we were actually eating and I discovered that I was probably one carb over every day because I was getting sloppy. So, this is where I made a tactical change that has made all the difference. Ready for this? Here goes: I aimed for protein at breakfast with one carb, veggies and protein for lunch with one carb, then a one carb dinner and my favorite chocolate dessert (another carb).

"But wait!" I hear you say, "That's only 5 carbs!" True, but here was my thinking-- First, I almost always over eat the carbs a tiny bit, so I'm getting more than I think I am. Second, if I'm totally dying for a snack between lunch and dinner (3 o'clock munchies, anyone?), I'll have enough carbs to not worry too much.

And it worked!

Now, my new thing is to stick with the plan, but to also cut back my chocolate a little. I almost always had 3-4 squares each night (a full carb's worth). Now I'm aiming for just 2 squares because I want to make sure I'm keeping within the sugar count and I'd like to keep my momentum going.


Rosalie said...

Great job - slow is how I did it and I never ate all my carbs either. You are doing great. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Welcome to the slow loser club. :) In the long run it doesn't matter how slow we lose as long as we continue to lose and learn skills along the way that will help us to keep it off for life.

Beth said...

That's great Barb! I've had quite a few plateaus on this diet (in fact I'm on one now) and know how great it feels to get the scale moving again. Congrats!

Dawn said...

Way to go on the 26 pounds! I have to aim for one carb per meal to make it work out as well.