Slow re-start

So, I've still kept up with eating right every day and dealing with my normal life and everything that goes with that. This weekend I have the MPRE which is the ethics exam for lawyers ("Ethics?! For lawyers?!"). I'm slowing chipping away at this process of getting licensed so I can actually, you know, practice law. We'll see whenever that all starts to happen!

Meanwhile, staying on plan has been pretty easy lately. I've cut back on my chocolate and really tried to focus on keeping track of what I'm eating. Good news-- it's working! I've lost weight again which is great!

Hubs and I have been on the BFC since June last year, so it's been 8.5 months so far. It's been a slow process (especially for me), but we have definitely changed how we eat, how we view food and how we think about taking care of our bodies. I think that's a pretty big deal! :)


Rosalie said...

I hope all your studying and test goes well. Great job on your weight. Have a good day :-)

Anonymous said...

Slow and steady...you're doing great!

Dawn said...

I agree, slow and steady - nothing wrong with that! Take care!

Beth said...

It's been slow and steady for me too. I'm almost at my year anniversary. The good part of that is we really learn how to eat this way as a lifestyle change and not just a quick diet.