Oh dear, it has been a long time

Yes, it has been a long time! Never fear, faithful readers-- I have stuck with the plan. The sad news is, though, that I haven't lost in all this time. I'm up a little bit, but not so much I can't come back.

Christmas went well, New Year's was fine, Hubs's birthday was fine... In short, we did not stray too far from the plan these last couple months. But, we weren't perfect either. Slowly, over time, I realized I was probably eating 2 carbs too many each day. And not caring about what kind of nutrition I was getting besides. My body was not happy about that.

Hubs and I are now both just barely getting over a series of flus/colds that it seems everyone on creation has had to deal with this winter. But the good news is we're getting better and we're keeping each other motivated and on track!

This last week, I've lost 1.2 lbs again by getting back to basics (much like I read Dawn was doing over at Dawn's Daily Chocolate! You've inspired me yet again!). My big focus is making sure I am counting everything right. When we first started, we didn't estimate anything-- we counted. And if we didn't know the count, we didn't eat it. That's where I am again. Cafeteria sandwiches maybe "about 2 carbs" but I'm not sure, so I won't eat it anymore.

Also-- and this is pretty big for me-- I've started yoga in the mornings! Very easy, not-too-intimidating yoga, but it's something. And you know what? It's AWESOME! My day is much more relaxed when I do and my body just feels better. It's great!

Hubs has now lost over 50lbs, but the really surprising news is that Mom-In-Law beat him to the 50lb mark! We're so proud of her and she seems like she's really enjoying the success. Yay for her!

Anyway, part of my back-to-basics is that I must blog again. It helped so much to keep me accountable. Like I said, I didn't feel like I went crazy (I didn't down a tub of ice cream or anything!), but it was a consistent slipping that really got me off track little by little. Blogging keeps me focused.

Thanks for reading!


Dawn said...

I agree, Barb, basics are important to 'get back to' - as many times as we need it! I also get lax in my counting and fall into the estimating camp way more often than I would like to. It shows! Good luck to you and your hubby!

Beth said...

I am the queen of staying the same weight when I am trying to lose! Try to really limit carbs for awhile maybe. There are a lot of great ideas on here for meals without carbs. Have you tried that flaxseed minute muffin yet - it's pretty good and filling.

Rosalie said...

It's good to hear that you are doing OK. Great job for all three of you in doing the BFC. Back to the basics will help. Have a great day :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! It sounds like all three of you are doing good.

The title of your blog cracks me up. :)