Food diary

I was writing in an associated blog for my food diary, but it's hard to keep up, so I've decided to use the one at MedHelp. That one's nice too because it gives you totals for all your calories and nutrients. It's great! I've already noticed that I'm eating more calories than I thought, but getting a good variety of food.
I thought I was around 1400 cals a day, but it's more like 1600 cals. I think that will just have to suffice for now. Maybe when I hit a plateau I can play with my calorie intake. For now, I'm happy with how things are. I don't feel very deprived all that often and when I do, I make a quasi desert-type thing (like graham crackers with a few semi-sweet chocolate chips) and it seems to calm my cravings. Also, because it's cold out, I'm loving hot chocolate! But only one a day and low fat, low sugar (Nesquik). Still, it adds a couple hundred calories, which is why my cals aren't as low as I'd hoped.
Phen-D turned out to be a mistake. It made my whole body feel tense, like I was on a really fast roller coaster. I don't know how to explain it, but I didn't like it. I got a cramp in my neck a couple times with it and decided to call it quits. It really did help with appetite suppression, but I feel like I have to learn how to talk myself through hunger at some point anyway.
I will always remember what Oprah Winfrey said about hunger pains. She said her trainer told her, "It's not hunger, it's your body losing weight." That helps. If I'm not feeling weak, etc., then it's not really hunger. Seems to be working for me anyway!

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