Day 1 Again

Well, it's a constant pattern, but here I am again, trying to lose weight. And eat healthier.

I feel like I am some kind of addict. The desire to eat junk is constant and I am always defending myself against temptations. I'm tired-- I need food. I'm sad-- I need food. I'm bored-- I need food.

For today, at least, I was able to stay on track. I know it will get easier eventually, but it will get harder first. Day 3 is usually my hardest day. Thank goodness I'll be working all day that day so I won't be home fighting my demons.

I read somewhere recently that it isn't just willpower that helps you eat right. When you are faced with a temptation, it usually isn't just a matter of saying "no" once and being done with it. It's usually a series of "no's" that are required. The example was someone brings in cookies to a meeting and puts them in the center of the table for anyone to grab one. The whole meeting you are sitting there talking to yourself about whether you are going to cave and grab one. So, you could have awesome willpower for a good portion of the meeting, but once you cave, none of that awesome willpower matters at all.

On the other hand, if you keep saying "no" to exercise, but end up going later, you are the winner because you did it. It doesn't matter that you put it off for hours.You will still get the benefit of the one time you decided to use your willpower.

The basic issue is that people who diet create for the themselves a situation where they have to make hundreds of little decisions, each one having the power to make them feel like they "cheated" and ruined their whole day. It's too much pressure!

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